Rolling Stones – short history

Formed in 1962 Rolling Stones have become one of the most recognisable and most enduring world bands, Mick Jager and Keith Richards met for the first time in Dartford Maypole County Primary School. Somewhat later they have turned into a blues and American R&B funs and they had a friend in common – Dick Taylor. Jager and Taylor played together in Little Boy Blue and Blue Boys. Soon Richards will join two of them and will be expelled from the Dartford Technical College because of truancy.

At the same time in another part of the town Brian Jones started practicing playing sax. Jones went to London where he spent some time with the Alexis Corner’s Blues, and then he started grouping of his own band. At that time he started jamming with Jager and Richards on the side.

The first Rolling Stones show was held on the July the 12th in Marquee. In 1963 after the big personal changes Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts have rounded out the start up line of Rolling Stones.

As Beatles soon became a sensation Oldham, the manager of the Stones decided to base the image of Rolling Stones as a contrary to Beatles, the good boys. And so the story started.

On the 9th of June 1969 Jones declares that he is leaving the group, and within a week Mick Taylor replaces Jones.

In 1970 Stones have formed their own record label company – Rolling Stones Record and they published “Sticky Fingers” which became No.1 on all charts in 1971. With that album the funs were presented the Warhol’s “lips and lolling tongue” logo.

Mick Taylor has left the group and was replaced by the guitar player Ron Wood, who officially joined stones in 1976.

One of the best years for Rolling Stones was the year 1981 when they published “Tattoo You”. The album was on the 1st place of the list for nine weeks and on that album are some of the most popular songs such as “Start Me Up”, and “Waiting On a Friend”.

The 80’s were not so good for the group because of the series of not so phenomenal albums. During the 80’s Jager published a solo album, more specifically in 1984, named “She’s the Boss” which had platinum circulation. After the 80’s Jager and Richards went to Barbados in order to start working on a new album. The album on which they were working was the album “Steel Wheels” which was published in 1989, and which had good critique reviews.

The new comeback of the Rolling Stones happened at the beginning of 90’s when Jager and Richards published their solo albums, but it was obvious that their funs found it more interesting to see them as a team rather than as individual musicians.

In 1997 the Stones have published Bridges To Babylon and went on a big world tour, which was ended in September in 1998. In November in 1998 they recorded a Stone’s live album, which was named “No Security”.

In the January in 1999 they have started another tour in Oukland, California, which took them after America to Europe, more specifically to Great Britain (Edinburgh, Sheffield & London) in May in 1999. Today once again a well-known scene Stones have steamed up again and started a new tour A Bigger Bang tour, a world wide concert which is on since 2005 until nowadays, and it is a promotion of their album A Bigger Bang, it has proved to be one of the longest tours ever held especially if we are talking about the great time gaps between the concerts.

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