Tivat – Almost 2.000 people from Tivat ad guests from Montenegrin but also from towns from Serbia, over 250 masks, majorettes and city music of Tivat and Djenovici, escorted yesterday in Donja Lastva, near Tivat, on a last journey Katastar (CADSTRE) Rusolini, this year’s carnival. Katastro according to an ancient tradition was yesterday burned on a bonfire because he was proclaimed guilty for all the last year’s troubles and misfortunes of the local people of Donja Lastva and Tivat.
Joyous procession of masks, majorettes and music men with the carnival according to an old custom went at 14h from the lodgment VII burgh after which, touring the entire Donja Lastva, it came on a local Riva where the “Inglorious court of Lastva community” was in session.

– Katastar Rusolini is guilty because he measured a lot and attuned, so he attuned us well, because we believed him and ended upside down, because our electricity is more expensive, and we have it less and less. He is guilty because he filled our boutiques, and emptied our wallets, because we are all smoking and no one is inhaling (sucking in) – so we have sucked it. The culprit is guilty because we cannot defend ourselves from tourists, so we are jamming ourselves with them on Riva. He is guilty because we cannot agree and we are afraid of our shadows – said the prosecutor, to which Katastar’s lawyer replied that his client never did anything “without the permition of the court and the cadastre”.

He carried tickets and meters so he measured it good for all of us – stressed the defender, which however was not sufficient to dole the court, which pronounced Katastar Rusolini guilty and sentenced him to death by burning.

Before the execution, still, Katastar’s will was read in which the majority of local and state institutions whose work wasn’t the best, got the appropriate mean to “enhance” the condition.

– I forgive you all the money laundry, other people’s boundaries, false geometers, bonds in mm – fund. Thank you for trusting me – were the last Katastar’s words in front of the gathered people which with the sounds of post mortem march escorted him on the bonfire on the pier in front of the church of Sveti Rok.

After the burning of the carnival doll, fiesta was continued in hotel “Kamelia” (Camellia) with a big masked ball on which the guests were entertained by the Tivat singer Edita Slaby. Successful organizer of this year’s “Lastva carnival” was the NGO “Harlekin” (ARTIST), and the founders were Tourist organization and the municipality of Tivat.