Bar – On the beach Veliki pijesak yesterday hundreds and maybe even thousands of swimmers were swimmings with ease, but inside the marked parts of the swimming restorts, even though on rescue tower there was a red flag.
Few people paid attention on the flag. Peddle boats, rubber boats, swimmers in big numbers, on about 100 meters away from the shore.

Red flag has been up since Sunday when the motor boat of the Captnacy came and ordered all swimmers to go out of the sea. This morning a word was out that nearby a shark was seen, and we have taken out two or three times people from the sea, but they soon went back in, but in shallow waters. Many people say that they have seen a sea dog, I personally haven`t, the sun gives various reflections on the sea, so it would be really hard to see it even if it came close. They say that the beast was spotted when the sun was above Lisinj – said for Vijesti Slobodan Misic (28) from Zajecar the recuer on the part of the beach Veliki pijesak.

Misic and his colleagues were not much excited about the rumors of appearance of the shark which went from Mrkojevici to Podgorica yesterday where they have caused more fear.
Local men Ervin (18) said for Vijesti that allegedly two small sharks have been spotted at some 300 meters and that no one on popular Veliki Pijesak no one was swimming early in the morning. At the same time the office of Vijesti was notified by the citizens of Dubrava, a weekend lodgment in the hinterland of Veliki pijesak, that on cape Komina, not far from the beach they have seen and took pictures of a group of dolphins. On Utjeha, close to the border of municipalities of Bar and Ulcinj a yellow falg was up. In the crowd of swimmers, there were a lot of peddale boats, scooters, and rubber boats. Relaxed atmosphere, not even a sign of restlesness or drama. On a full beach, tourists from Serbia have only smiled when asked how affected they are with the stories about sharks.

Main republic navigation inspector of safety of sailing Mirko Fustic confirmed that not even the yestreday`s cruising of Harbor captaincy Bar hasn`t given any results.
From Bar police we had an anonymous tipa round 9 o`clock that near Veliki pijesak a shark was seen. We went out immediately spent entire afternoon cruising over the sea and there were no signs of a shark – concluded Fustic.



Director of the Managment of the maritime security Krsto Rakocevic said yesterday to the press that is needless to make such a fuss about everything adding that the apperance of a sea dog should be accepted as a reality, as it is natural to see a bear in the forest. Captain Rakocevic said that the it is impossible to follow the shark with a boat, and that for that they need to engage a helicopter.