Tara River Bridge – among the 20 most beautiful on the planet

Bridge on Tara River was among the 20 most beautiful in the world, at the option of the portal Bright Side (20 outstanding bridges that seem to lead to another world).

According to the portal Bright Side, “people have for centuries built bridges – to connect the other end of town and country, and were built to connect us with each other.

We do not want to talk about Tara River, because you probably know, that this is one of the most beautiful in the Europe, with deepest canyon (second in the world – after Colorado), and amazing Rafting, and all beauty of this Durmitor Area – we just talk about this amazing bridge, that huge number of tourist already have in their photo albums.

“We have collected all the pictures of bridge and aqueducts that bind us in a wonderful way and that can safely be called art,” writes portal.

Among the 20 most beautiful bridges found themselves Mauss Helix Henderson Waves Bridge in Singapore, Siosepol Bridge in Iran, the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Kurilpa Bridge in Australia, Python Bridge in Amsterdam, The Tower Bridge in London, Lupu Bridge in China and the Landwasser Viaduct in Switzerland.

Huge amount of tourist want to take Tara Rive Rafting Tour – and this is something unforgettable. Rafting on the most beautiful river in Europe, can be pure adrenaline excursion. There is many offer for Tara Rafting when you arrive on the Zabljak (Durmitor) or Tara Bridge. Take your time, and choose what best suit to your needs, opinion and possibilities. This is not something that we recommend for too small kids. But adults will for sure enjoy in this natural rollercoaster. Depend of season, Tara can be very wild, or can be very slow. Be smart and do not go under your possibilities.