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The most famous Hollywood couple last night ARRIVES IN MONTENEGRO
Podgorica – The most famous Hollywood couple on the planet, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, last night about 19 o’clock in the stiglao Becici elite hotel “Splendid”, confirmed for “Vijesti” from multiple sources.

They arrived yesterday for a short period in Montenegro, through the airport Tivat. A small private plane with the famous acting couple landed at Tivat airport about 18 hours and 15 minutes.

The greatest discretion, using the fact that the airport of Tivat have almost no passengers on other flights, Angelina and Brad are accompanied by a few airport police officers and a few people from Dubrovnik, who came to wait for them, passed through the arrivals terminal and exit the main incoming gate terminal building.

There they were greeted two cars Dubrovnik table, and that’s all done with the intention to attract as little attention to the public, confirmed by the fact that the famous stars did not have noticeable escort, but their luggage in a luxury black Mercedes ML 320 CDI (DU 4321-S), personally introduced Brad Pitt. Immediately after that, “Mercedes” followed by a black Opel Astra Dubrovnik plates, left the airport Tivat.

The company “Montenegro stars hotels group” who managed “Splendid” did not want to give any information. “Vijesti” is more eye-witnesses, confirmed that the acting couple entered the hotel, that they have placed in the presidential suite on the tenth floor. During the passage of the famous couple in Budva, traffic was stopped. Angelina and Brad will be according to unofficial information, the most likely to leave the hotel today.

A couple of Jolie-Pitt will stay at the Splendid enjoy in 360 square meters equipped with luxurious presidential suites, and there will be a complete servants of the hotel. Apart than four bedrooms, huge salon, also has a mini gym, swimming pool on the huge terrace and lift that takes him to the top of the hotel where the Heliodrom.

The famous Hollywood couple Jolie-Pitt arrived yesterday in Sarajevo, where they were headed to a refugee center in Gorazde Splaviste. Angelina Jolie is a UN goodwill ambassador, and this visit to the problems of displaced persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnian and Croatian media allegations that his tour of Angelina and Brad talked with many years residents of the center, where the couple suggested that the media not to reveal details of the talks.

The couple arrived in Sarajevo private plane from Venice, where Angelina filmed, and the visit is according to the Index of a private nature, which is confirmed by UNHCR spokesperson: “However, Angelina and Brad will put aside time to visit the sites of UNHCR in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and users of our projects and people who are in a situation of long-term displacement “.

Croatian media wrote that the couple should have after visiting Sarajevo Dubrovnik, but gave up because of the media fanfare that has occurred, so they flew from Sarajevo to Tivat.

According, the city of Dubrovnik Tourist Board’s “ran in front of Rudo and immediately praised the arrival of famous guests who sent the announcement yesterday morning in which he stated that’s Easter come to Dubrovnik and the first year’s guest of the famous”.

Brad shocked saleswoman

When you have found out that the most celebrated Hollywood couple arrived in Sarajevo on chaos, according Portal Index. Media were first announced that the couple stopped briefly at the U.S. Embassy, which was immediately denied. Media have speculated that they came because of Sarajevo Film Festival, visit Medjugorje, there were findings that Angelina arrived in Sarajevo to make adopted another child, said portal.

Brad Pitt, who followed his wife, the UN ambassador, “trip” in Gorazde was used for the purchase of perfume and a perfume saleswoman shocked. “I did not even realize it was on until he got out of the trade ” said the saleswoman National Service media. “Najnormalnije he came in and asked for perfume Armani Code”, she added.

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