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Angelina Jolie reveal what is hiding in the closet her daughter
One of the most famous Hollywood actress and mother, Angelina Jolie, in Montenegro, spent only two days. However, lack of time, tinted car in which the partner Brad Pitt “jurcala” Montenegrin roads, and no dark glasses that always had the head, did not prevent the formula only to discover her famous “Montenegrin style clothing. Moreover, the “style” option and its four daughter Shiloh, Angelina revealed in the August edition of “Vanity Fair”.

– Shiloh is dressed like a little rowdy. It seems to us that this is a style of Montenegro. So the people who live there dress. She loves clothes and suits. He likes to dress as a boy, because he wants to be a boy. So we had to cut. He likes everything for boys. Thought to be one of the brothers – told the 35-year-old actress, not revealing where Silo inspiration for this dress. Followed were praised at the expense of her other children.

– Maddox is a real intellectual. It is excellent in school, in history. He wants to become a writer, to travel the world and learn about other places and people. Zahara has a fantastic voice, it’s so elegant and a good speaker. Shiloh is hysterically funny, and one of najrazigranijih najveselijih person you’ll ever meet. Knox and Viv are a classic boy and girl. She is so feminine, and he is a little rowdy – Angelina revealed, adding that she, when she was a child, Shiloh was the closest just that, it seems, inherited the mother’s sense of fashion. The actress was in “Vanity Fair” admitted that their current family “big enough”, but that so far no plans to marry with Brad Pitt.

– Now I am not pregnant, although we would not be a problem. But we want to give each of our children dedicate enough time. Now the children, but will soon need many hours of conversation in the midst of the night, at least I’m such a. We want to be sure that we educate each of them in the right way – added D