THIRTY RUSSIAN NEWSPAPER EDITOR In Ulcinj, Ambassador Gerasimov captive Montenegro
Ulcinj – ovolikog presence of editors in chief of newspapers from all regions of Russia, that will guarantee the undiscovered beauty of Ulcinj and Montenegro will soon become known throughout the country, assess the Sofia Deep, director of the Alliance’s heads of Russian regional mass media, which was yesterday at the hotel “Albatross” in Ulcinj, organized a round table.

The role of journalists in developing cooperation between Russia and Montenegro, roads and cultural integration of Ulcinj as the pearl of the Montenegrin Adriatic coast, were the themes of the meeting, which is next to the Russian Ambassador James Gerasimova, representatives of the municipality and the Ministry of Tourism, attended by 30 editors of prominent Russian newspaper.

Speaking about the unusual relationship and the great empire of small principalities, Gerasimov announced that next year will be officially marked 300 years since the establishment of official relations between Russia and Montenegro.

“Montenegro is a small, mnogonacionalna and mnogokonfesionalna, but very beautiful country, which has a great history. Regardless of the difference in size, we have a lot in common and we can learn from each other, “said Gerasimov.

He pointed out that not only Montenegro Podgorica, Cetinje and Budva, cities that are renowned in our country. ”

“Montenegro are other, very nice cities and towns. One of them is Ulcinj. Now you have opportunity in their regions of our citizens tell how beautiful and Montenegro to devote special attention to the beauties of this city, “said Gerasimov told reporters.

Mayor Gzim Hajdinaga estimated to be in Russia, as in Montenegro, as the diversity of wealth.

“Ulcinj has 32 kilometers of coastline, and 22.5 kilometers of beautiful beaches. Many of our great beach compared to the famous Copacabana, but I will make a different comparison – Brazil’s Copacabana is like our Long Beach, “said Hajdinaga.

Weekly in Russian

Weekly Ruskij Vestnik “, targeting Russian tourists and citizens with permanent residence in Montenegro, yesterday saw the light of day.

As said Gulja Smagulova, journalist and editor in chief of newspapers, it is informative and advertising release from the initial circulation of two thousand copies.

In the first edition, published the advice the Consul of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Montenegro, Victor Antipina, interview with the director of the hospital Zoran Srzentiۈ Bar, article about the famous painter Nikola Gvozdenovic, and interesting news from the country and the Russian diaspora.

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