Confusion caused by the sudden arrival of the most popular Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Becici Splendid “, when the front pages of all print and electronic shock news media in the background put the economic crisis, the cries for a long-awaited wage workers, in fact only showed where Montenegro and its tourism.

Although with all the tourist address came only praise that Mr. and Mrs. Smith, deceiving their hosts in Dubrovnik Having determined that yet, “instant ” in Montenegro, reminded us, sank in the localism, that ‘wild beauties ” truly an elite destination. At the same time, the whole event has once again confirmed that Montenegro is still far from a position which is on the tourist map had reached its peak, before the two and a half decades, and even earlier. A long time ago, and seem to have forgotten many of our former trademark, city-hotel Sveti Stefan, almost every summer was visited by the biggest stars of show-business people from the world of politics and sports, but without any fanfare and euphoria, that these week led to heated Jolie and Pitt and before them, “Rolling Stones”, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Madonna or Pamela Andreson.

Located on the rocky peninsula that connects to the mainland Sand Cay, the former exclusive hotel, travel rarity that was recognized in the world, is considered a favorite tourist destination for domestic and world jet set. On Saint Stefan, coming for holidays, popular celebrities and statesmen from around the world. Among them the legendary La Pasionarija, numerous Soviet Marshals – Timoshenko, Grechko, Kiriljenko, Jakubovski. From the world famous writers have enjoyed the Holy One of Andre Malraux, Alberto Moravia and his then-friend, a famous actress Monica Vitti, led by Soviet cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, the famous Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, film stars Sophia Loren and her husband, film director and producer Carlo Ponti, Gina Lorobri