Wake Park Tivat is the ideal location for lovers of active holidays. Not far from the prestigious complex of Porto Montenegro on a beautiful cape called Župa, covered with pine trees and other greenery.

Wake Park Tivat offers sports and recreational activities on the water and in the countryside, including water ski lift.

Beginners can quickly and easily learn to ski on the water, and experienced ones can enjoy the wakeboard course where international competitions are held. Good music and cocktails makes this a destination interesting even for less active visitors who want to enjoy the sun, water and nature with a good atmosphere.

Wake Park Tivat is located at the entrance of Tivat, 5 minutes from the airport, 5 minutes to downtown.

Thanks to the warm Mediterranean climate Wake Park Tivat is open each year from early May to late October.

Ski School and Wakeboard

Learn to ski fast and easy!!! With the help of our experienced instructors, people who have never skied before will master the basics and start skiing within just a few minutes.

Ski school participants need to have a basic knowledge of swimming. All the necessary equipment is given on the spot.

For those who want to improve their wakeboard skills, special Wake camps with experienced ProRiders instructors will be organized.

Water skiing is a sport for all generations, from the age of 5 to 85.

Additional sports facilities

In addition to skiing and wakeboarding, Wake Park Tivat offers more attractive and exciting content: kayaking, archery, paintball… etc.

Wealth of sports and recreational facilities, beach facilities (parking, beach, beach bar), a beautiful nature park with walking paths, interesting events and unforgettable atmosphere are the reason why we have became the main destination for active holiday in less than a year.

In addition to the traditional Volkswagen vehicle devotee gathering, many other attractive and unique manifestations are held at Wake Park each year.

Wake Park Tivat is a unique place for lovers of nature, action, sports and adrenaline, which offers its guests the perfect atmosphere and comfort.

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