Budva – On all Montenegrin beaches sea water has extremely high quality for swimming and recreation, that is its quality is in the limits of 1st and 2nd class – those are the results of the third sanitary analysis of sea water which from 2nd to 5th of July was conducted on 69 locations along Montenegrin coast.
Sanitary quality of water is being analyzed in intervals of 15 days based on the program of monitoring of the sanitary quality of seawater for which Morsko dobro has engaged Podgorica Republic hydro meteorological bureau.

As it is said in the announcement which was processed by the manager of the Service for sustainable development Aleksandra Ivanovic, and signed by director of Morsko dobro Rajko Barovic, out of 69 analyzed locations, seawater has 1st class quality on 63 locations.

Quality of the 1st class of seawater on Budva Riviera has following beaches: BUljarica, Lucice, Petrovac, east and west beach on Sveti Stefan, Milocer, Przno, Kamenovo, Rafailovici belowe “La Mirage”, Becici swimming resorts The Queen of Montenegro and Sveti Stefan, Thong beach on Zavala, Slovenska plaza near Gradjevica, and swimming resort Blue Magic. 1st class waters are also on beaches Ricardova glava, swimming resorts on Jaz, S and I beach life, Escallera, and Blue beach. In the area of Ulcinj the 1st class quality of water have beaches on Ada Bojana, swimming resorts o Velika plaza – Tropicana, Safari, Miami and Tony grill, at the mouth of channel Port Milena and on the beach in Pine woods, as well as on Bar beach Utjeha. Also 1st class waters in Bar are on swimming resort Paradiso, on Veliki pijesak, Topolica, Zukotrlica, Crvena plaza, in Sutomore swimming resort Tri duda, and in Canj it is said in the announcement.

In the area of Kotor beaches in Stoliv, Marko’s cape, Prcanj, swimming resort of Fjord hotel, Malibu, Dobrota, as well as beaches on Sveti Matija, Sveti Stasija, Orahovac, and Perast near the bathrooms I and II had the 1st class of quality of water.
On swimming resorts in Morinj and near the hotel Teuta in Risan they also found the 1st class quality of water.

Highest quality of seawater had also Tiovat beaches Plavi horizonti, Krasici near lodgment Maslinjak, Solila, Kalimanj, swimming resort of the hotel Palma, beach Kalardovo, pier Seljanovo, and Opatovo. In the area of Herceg Novi 1st class water was found on swimming resort of the hotel Delfin in Bijela, in Basici, Kumbor, Zelenika, dobrec, city beach in Meljine, swimming resort of Yachting club, beach of the Institute RVI, Corovica beach, and beaches of hotels Topla and of villa Galeb. Swimming resort of the hotel Riviera resort in Njivice, beaches Porto, and Cuba libre on Zanjice also have the 1st class water – it is said in the announcement.



Quality of seawater of 2nd class is also considered to be safe and good for swimming and it was found on 6 localities on Montenegrin coast.
– Quality of 2nd class have Mala plaza in Ulcinj, Sutomore swimming resort Cetar and Budva Mogren I. Same class of water was found in Kamenari, Djenovici and on swimming resort of the hotel Plaza – it is said in Morsko dobro.