Those who have visited Lovcen or Cetinje several times know that the tourist itinerary is best completed, when after the visit if Ivan’s riverbeds and the mausoleum on Lovcen you go towards Njegusi, the birth place of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, and the rest noblemen of the dynasty Petrovic.

There is also Njegos's birth house that is turned into museum, but in that village is also the famous school which used to famous by the education of people from Cetinje, and it is marked with tourist signs.

In the recent period Njegusi are famous for the production of the famous cheese from Njegusi, smoked ham and dried goat cheese from Njegusi. In this mountain lodgment, at the 900 meter above sea level, the high quality honey and the nice refreshing drink mead are produced. That is why the tourist groups always stop in this lodgment and taste the specialties from Njegusi. From this area a long time ago the tasteful Njegusi steak has become well known and it won numerous European restaurants.

Above Njegusi, on Bukovica, there is an old Montenegrin tavern “Kod Pera” (at Pero's), the ownership of the family Milosevic, who opened the first guest house in Montenegro. The buses and cars that are coming back from Cetinje or they are coming from Kotor or Tivat stop here regularly.

In the very Njegusi there are about 50 houses, a rest home, a restaurant “Njeguska sijela” (seats from Njegusi), many places for drying smoked ham and an inn. The houses are built from stone, and the newer ones used more modern materials and elements. Along the asphalt road that goes through the lodgment Njegusi you will come across the written notices that except in the restaurants, the famous Njegusi smoked ham and cheese, but also grape brandy and vine you can buy directly from the households in the nearby lodgment. If you decide for such a trip, your knowledge about the Montenegrin history, tradition, and culture will be a marvelous experience.

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