In Kolasin area various forms of relief meet which make this area one of the most picturesque and most beautiful in this part of Balkan Peninsula. Mountain crags of Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Kljuc, Kapa Moracka etc stretch over this area. These are the mountains which abound in richness and diversity of surfaces, above which appear summits mostly above 2.000 meters of height above sea level. Among the most famous ones are Jablanov vrh on mountain Sinjajevina(Poplar’s summit – 2230 meters of height above the sea level), Troglava on Bjelasica(2075 – 2230 meters of height above the sea level), Zekova glava on the same mountain (2116 2230 meters of height above the sea level), and Kapa moracka (2227 2230 meters of height above the sea level).

Rivers Tara, Moraca and their tributaries, mostly of canyon type, took care of the special richness of this area related to nature. Their traits are deep incised troughs, and interesting river flows, rich with rapids and waterfalls. For the beauty of Tara and its canyon valley are know worldwide. The mouth of Moraca is under the slopes of Javorje, and the length of the canyon is over 35 kilometers, whose depth in certain places is over 1.00 meters. It is one of the most famous natural traits of this area. Steep and high cliffs raise above the fast and cold Moraca making the experience of traveling through the canyon indescribably beautiful and unique.

From river canyons with unreal beauty stands out the canyon of river Mrtvica which in the length of 9 kilometers gives pleasure to few people who visit it during the year. The shores of the river are very steep and high, and on them you can find numerous endemic plant species – shrubbery which is characteristic for this area. Until recently this area was unknown and unapproachable, and even today people get there down the very little familiar and barely passable paths.

On mountain Trebjes, at the height of 1687 meters height above the sea level, there are Kapetanovo jezero (Captain’s lake), and Brnjicko jezero (Muzzle lake), but also some very nice water surfaces.

Kolasin is with every right considered to be an air spa. With its great part the area of the municipality is located in border zone of subtropical and mild climate zone. This kind of in-between climate type is reflected with relatively dry and somewhat shorter summers. In the valley of the river Moraca you can feel the influence of Mediterranean, and he climate traits of this area are largely conditioned with height altitude of the land and the presence of high mountains that isolate the currents from the south. Fall is somewhat warmer than the spring, while snow cover and extremely fresh, but rarely brusque climate are characteristic for Kolasin winters. At the height of 965 meters above the sea level all of this merges in an air spa which is visited by both those who are looking for recovery and by those who are looking for refreshment at the advice of their doctor.

Flora and fauna

Above the crystal clear and calm lake waters rises up over 80 kinds of forest trunk vegetation. In this rainforest reservation dominate forest communes of juniper and pine, sub-alps beach with Balkan maple as well as communes of hornbeam, sesleria tenuifolia, and wild roses dominate. In the area of national park and mountain Bjelasica on which the national park spreads further is characteristic for the density and diversity of flora. On the surface which the national park occupies and even further, in the area of Kolasin Municipality, there are about 2.000 plant species and sub species of which a large number of them are endemic. From those protected by law we have Great Yellow Gentian (Gentiana lutea), Globe flower (Trolius europeus), Larch (Taksus baccata), Valerian (Valeriana pancicii), and many others. Of the species characteristic for this area we have Edrianthus Montenegrinus Hora (Edraianthus jugoslavicus lakusic), Montenegrin five-fingered plant (Potentilla montenegrina Pant.) and others.

When we are talking about the animal life of the national park Biogradska gora we are talking about the space of exquisite beauty and richness. From mammals, in the national park and the forests of the mountains, which raise above Kolasin you can find: dark bear, deer, doe, badger, mole, as well as numerous kinds of bats. Over 200 kinds of birds of which many are protected species have been registered in the national park Biogradska gora. Among the most famous are: Golden Eagle (aguila chrysaetus), goshawk, sparrow hawk, black cock, wild geese, and robin. There are several kinds of fish, which dominate in Biogradsko lake: trout, the European bullhead (cottus gobia), Thymulus (thymulus thymulus), and Huchen or the Danube salmon (hucho hucho). In the area of national park it is possible to find extremely rare manlike fish, pond turtle, European frog (Hyla arborea), and others. For lovers of entomology the fact that in this reservation can be found 80 various kinds of butterflies speaks enough for itself.

Biogradska gora has also a lot to offer at the plan of cultural – historical heritage. Numerous archeological localities, mostly necropolises, and folk construction dominate in the plan of culture of Biogradsko lake. Among them in the zone of the National Park particularly familiar are Brskovo, Sjerogoste, Macurska graves and others. The object of national architecture such as cottages, huts, and watermills made of wood and stone, will be interesting for every visitor.