People from Podgorica are famous for their choosy taste when we are talking about fashion. Boutiques in Delta City Mall, Bazar, Mall of Montenegro, and other city malls have in their offer the newest collections of suits, shoes, wardrobe, and gallantry of famous fashion designers.

Delta City, Podgorica
Delta City, Podgorica

Podgorica abounds in market malls in which you can buy most diverse products. As far as it is concerning clothes, beside the mentioned boutiques with branded clothes, in Podgorica one can find exclusive representatives of top notch world brands. Your desire for recreation you can accompany with the choice of some sport part of clothes, and Podgorica has them all. If you have an intention of spending some time at the ski centers north from Podgorica, in this town you can find the most modern ski gear, and especially Elan’s representative shop stands out. In the malls often you can find exquisite bookstores with foreign titles. Beside the books in them you can find daily and weekly foreign newspaper, and some specialized magazines of various profiles.

Also, in Podgorica CD shops you can buy some of the new original titles of world music production. If you have the intention of staying for a longer period in the town, that is , to rent a house or an apartment, everything that you need when we are talking about house devices, you can find in big centers for sale of machines, which are being sold at very favorable prices. You can find something you like, even of high quality brands such as Siemens, Bosch, Sonny, Gorenje ect. With its exterior which is dominated by glass, and with the pleasant interior great attention attracts the business center Palada, on the bank of Moraca, in which you can, except enjoying in purchase, relax yourself with a coffee or a sandwich.

Popular among the citizens of Podgorica is also Mall of Montenegro market. It has a great number of stands on which wardrobe, tools, and house devices are being sold at very favorable prices.

When the food and the groceries are a topic there is a big green market, which is in the process of renewal and growing into a great market mall, which offers various vegetables, fruit, domestic cheese, fish… Of course, the greatest part of former you can buy in several super markets which since recently exist in Podgorica. Voli, Roda, Lakovic in one place offer everything that you need, so if you are more for this type of shopping they represent a real choice, and they also stand out with somewhat lower prices.