The island Ada Bojana ensued in artificial way in such a manner that in the XIX century in the place of the present Island a ship called “Merito” came aground. The years of the sedimentation of the river alluviums have sculptured Ada Bojana, which today is considered to be a paradise on earth.

Ada is the most famous tourist gem of Montenegro. The nudist place on Ada with the specific ambience is skillfully hidden from the curious looks, which from two sides is surrounded by a beautiful River Bojana, and from the third with the clearest seawater. Many people say that the best recommendation for tourists that wish to come to Ada is an advice: “If at any point of your life you wish to have a summer vacation from your dreams, in the costumes of Adam and Eve, Ada Bojana is definitely the right choice”.

River Bojana, Ulcinj
River Bojana, Ulcinj

When you decide to spend your vacation on Ada Bojana, then for sure you’ll be charmed by the kilometers of the long sandy beach, which like a skillfully drawn painter’s line merges with the crystal clear sea. The beach and the sea bottom are covered with petty sand. On the very beach the parasols made from the reed and coll are lined. Ada is most beautiful in the sunset – when while the sun is setting the amazing game of colors, which merges the sea, the sand and the sky in a unique picture. Beside the tourists, and especially nudists, on Ada in summer period come all those who wish to unite their personality with the intact nature, expecting everyday the most beautiful sunsets and its reflection on the blue sea. From summer to summer numerous poets, literates, singers, moviemakers, journalists, businessmen, bohemians and eccentrics return to it.

The space of the beaches on Ada Bojana is the real place for the complete privacy. Luxurious and comfortable bungalows are situated next to the very beach, surrounded by beautiful flower arrangements and Mediterranean vegetation, so those details too will make you vacation on Ada Bojana unusual, and for sure a summer vacation that you couldn’t even imagine.

House on Bojana River, Ulcinj
House on Bojana River, Ulcinj

For those who like to rest a lot and let themselves to the vacation maximally, the information that the bungalows are only 100 meters away from the beach, and that they have separate entrances and beautiful little terraces with the view towards the sea, will sound marvelously. In the vicinity are the restaurants, sport terrains and parking lots.

For Ada Bojana people say that it is a play that draws out negative thoughts. With the fact that over the entire area which Ada Bojana encompasses is unusually silent, after several days of your staying here it will be clear that that silence can convert and tranquil people, to give them back their enthusiasm, will life energy and the strength for new zeal. How can it not, when besides the singing of the birds, hiss of the waves, comfort that the sea wind creates or the buzzing of the crickets in the noon or while the sun is severely burning there is nothing that can disturb that peace. Apart from the intact nature the sports offers is very diverse and rich: from horse riding, sailing, to paraglide, kite riding and windsurfing.

Kite Surfing on Long Beach, Ulcinj
Kite Surfing on Ada Bojana

On Ada Bojana there is a windsurf school which owns the newest, top-notch gear. The potentials of Ada Bojana satisfy both amateurs and the high criteria of the professionals. The flat line of the lake water on which first steps of this sport are learned is suitable for the beginners. After only 7 days of training at the professional trainers allows you enjoyment in the waves, and after a one-month training the winds in the open sea are available. The salable winds that blow on the Ada beaches, make excellent waves, which allow high quality windsurf.

The shores that Bojana splashes are well known by the wooden houses, from which local people on a traditional and specific way hunt fish which you can immediately try in the fish restaurants, built also in the attractive ambience. The Island Ada Bojana is full of subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation. As the naturalistic place with its complex was built at the beginning of the 1970`s, Ada has been recognized for many years as the destination of hippie generation.

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