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Lake Skadar National Park

Halfway between the sea and the mountains lays the Skadar Lake, the bird kingdom and the only pelican habitat in the south of Europe. White great egrets, cormorants and various species of ducks can be seen here. The Montenegrin portion of the lake, which partly belongs to Albania, has been declared a national park. In the summer, the lake is covered by floral embroidery made of water lilies and is torn only where the boats have passed through. Serene and deep, the Skadar Lake is radiant in its docility and is a paradise for nature lovers, open-air activities and a good snack with a sip of wine.

Skadar Lake is a natural gem whose surface covers about 40 thousand hectares. Over 280 bird species live, nest or spend the winter here and that is why the lake is on the world’s list of aquatic habitats of international importance.

The lake has a lot of islands and peninsulas that are treasuring the remains of ancient fortresses and traces of turbulent history. Up the steep hills there are small and exceptionally beautiful villages with “back to back” cramped houses, many of which have been abandoned, but to which life has recently returned. The first printing house and the first Cyrillic book were created around Lake Skadar. Its lead letters were cast into bullets during the Turkish invasion centuries ago. That used to be the life around the Skadar Lake. Today, life is different.

Today bird lives are being protected here, and their habitats are held in reserve. Instead of weapons – binoculars, cameras, fishing rods or hiking sticks are wielded. The narrow roads along the hill have been turned into bicycle paths with viewpoints that are worth the sore muscles. Kayaking is an activity that brings a silent dialogue with the lake, and every stroke of a paddle fascinates as water lilies respectfully sink deep before those who enjoy this piece of paradise in Montenegro.

The area around the lake is famous for its local wines and smoked fish from the lake. Private wineries organize wine tastings with local organic products. Try all the flavors that Skadar Lake offers. You’ll be mesmerized.

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