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Kotor Tours

Do you want to experience the full impression of Kotor, “the pearl of the Adriatic sea”, and spend an unforgettable holiday with family and friends?

Let us present you several possibilities.

Boat tours

Tourists visit Kotor  not only because of the Old Town and its walls, but also to enjoy one of the most intriguing bays in Europe

The best way to experience the scenic beauty of the “southernmost European fjord” is if you board one of the many local boats. We met Captain Ivan who took us on his spacious Gozzo to a several hours lasting tour around the bay.

Perast and Our Lady of the Rock – Boat Tour by Captain Ivan

Tourists usually want to visit Perast and the nearby little island of Our Lady of the Rock. Perast has given numerous captains, some of whom have experienced world fame. Our Lady of the Rock is an island with a church and museum that contains numerous preserved items of significance for local history, Baroque frescoes and canvases, but also some priceless items that contain very interesting stories about life and customs.

Boka Kotorska is a fjord consisting of several small bays. Apart from Kotor, there are also Tivat and Risan bay. Both of the bays are very interesting in their own way. In Risan, there are prehistoric drawings and Roman mosaics, and in the 4th century B.C.e.  Risan was the seat of the Illyrian state. In the Tivat bay, there is St. Mark’s Island where there are no common crowds, because there are no roads or houses. It has grown into luxuriant Mediterranean plants and that’s how it got it’s other name – the Island of Flowers. The water around the island is shallow, crystal clear and warmer than at other places in the bay. In the shallows you can spot the noble pen shell (Pinna nobilis), a protected species, which, along with the rest of the abundant sea life, makes this island so interesting to those who enjoy snorkeling.

Half-day Blue Cave Kayak and Snorkel Adventure from Kotor

Many boats go beyond the bay, to the famous Blue Cave. This cave is famous for its blue light that can be experienced in the morning and in the evening. The water is crystal clear which makes a real pleasure to swim in it. Near the cave there is also the island of Mamula with its fortress, which in Austro-Hungarian period served as a prison. This point makes one of major tourist attractions.  Captain Ivan has taken us also to the Arza cape which is situated across the Mamula islet, boasting with pebble beach and turquoise crystal clear waters.

In addition to these, in agreement with the ship owner, you can also organize your own private tours. Interesting is the tour from Kotor to Budva, or visiting beaches on Luštica, and small coves that are only accessible by boat. Such arrangements have become especially popular lately.

All tours by boat can also be fully guided tours, but this is necessary to arrange in advance.

Kotor guided walking tours

Old Town of Kotor Walking Tour

There are many guides in Kotor that organize walking tours in many languages. These tours begin with the sightseeing of the Old Town. If you like and arrange with the guide, you can stop there, or you can continue with the common sightseeing.  Tourists are particularly interested in city walls whose highest point is 260 m above sea level, from which there is an unforgettable view of the Kotor Bay. Do not forget to take the camera, because you may just make the best photo of the bay!

Also, in front of the Old Town, there is the Vrmac mountain that also oversees the Tivat bay. Its highest point is at 785 m above sea level. Vrmac is especially interesting for nature lovers and botanists, as some endemic species grow there.  On the slopes of Vrmac there are also villages protected by law, Gornja Lastva and Gornji Stoliv. There you can see intact local architecture, feel the spirit of old times, and in the shade of old trees to enjoy in breathtaking panorama of the Boka Bay.

Tours from kotor to other places in Montenegro

In Kotor there are numerous taxis registered for the transport of tourists all over Montenegro.

Full-Day Tour of Old Montenegro with Private Guide

One of the most prestigious tours is a ride to Cetinje by an old Austro-Hungarian road. But this tour is not for those with sensitive stomachs. Only from Kotor to Njeguši you need to cross 24 curves by the old narrow road placed on the precipitous slopes of the mountain Lovćen. But those who dare, will be delighted and will remember this ride for the rest of their lives.

By coming to Njeguši, you enter the area of ​​the continental climate. It is advisable to wear multiple layers of clothing.

Here you enter the former Old Montenegro leaving the region of Western European historical influence. The customs are a bit different, as is observed in local architecture. 

Top 5 Kotor Tours

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