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Podgorica Accommodation

When we are speaking about the place of your staying in Podgorica there are numerous hotels and motels which have a diverse offer. Let’s start from the hotel which has the same name as the town – the Hotel Podgorica, which was built in 1967 on the bank of Moraca and which was recently renewed. Hotel Podgorica is a four star hotel and it has 44 rooms with 85 beds. Hotel has the restaurant, and open restaurant with a view on the river, aperitif bar, Just club, as well as its own parking lot. Except this hotel a kilometer upstream there is another hotel on the banks of Moraca – Hotel Ambasador. Luxurious but peaceful and quiet it has always been a place for those who like privacy, with which they could at the same time enjoy in the beautiful view.

The most beautiful part of the hotel is its spacious terrace which is turned towards the river. Similar with its contents is the Hotel Eminent, which is located in the very center of the town in Njegos’s street. Hotel has luxurious suites and is great for staying when we are talking about businessman to whom business communication in the center of the town is of vital importance. Newly built Best Western Premier Montenegro is located in the heart of what today is called a business center of Podgorica, not far away from the Ministries, Consulates, and numerous international organizations in Montenegro. Modern both in the interior and the exterior it offers over 40 rooms and 7 suites fully equipped for any type of work with which guest could be occupied with. Satellite TV, and fast internet are here something which is a part of every room. When we are talking about big hotels, by all means the most important one to mention is Hotel Crna Gora (MONTENEGRO), in the center of the town, on 12 kilometers from Podgorica airport and two kilometers from the bus and train station.

This 4 star hotel was built in 1953, and after a renewal which occurred in several phases, today has 290 beds and numerous accompanying contents and is usually the first choice when we are talking about sports teams. So if on the halls you meet some of the stars of European basketball or handball, do not be surprised, because often even the greatest stars of these sports come to measure their strength with Podgorica’s exquisite teams. Rooms have satellite TV, internet and room service, but maybe it would nicer for you to relax in the wonderful interior of the Town café. It is a restaurant, which is a part of the hotel Crna Gora, which was recently renewed and who got its original appearance which it had several decades ago. Café, in a so-called Vienna style, with its impressive interiors, among which stand out the chandeliers, with several paintings of top Montenegrin authors, bring you back to the time when this and this type of cafes were the measure of quality of service and enjoyment. Almost every Sunday, if you hear the sounds of good music you can be sure that there is a traditional wedding being held. Sometimes over 750 people are gathered around this ceremony in an unforgettable ambience.

Hotel Kerber is yet another one of those hotels from the center of the town which offers several contents. In the very building there are a restaurant, a bar, a fitness center, a book store, a pharmacy and several boutiques etc… In some of the rooms you can relax with the hydro massage or in Jacuzzi. Hotel Ljubovic somewhat bigger by its capacities go the name by the hill in whose foothill it is located. Not far away from the Rifle center, this hotel has 82 rooms and beside its size it is a very pleasant and intimate hotel. Hotel Evropa is of great importance because it is located only few meters from the bus station. Fully equipped with all modern contents in the ambience of the hotel you can enjoy in some of the meals of the national cuisine. An interesting element is the gym – which free of charge for all guests, as well as the marvelous finish sauna. Guests have the possibility of renting a rent – a – car. Hotel Kosta’s with its 5 stars, for a short period has gained popularity and good reputation. Not far away from the bus and train station with exquisite full board offer, among which stand out the machines for exercises, computers etc. the hotel offers also a massage salon and other accompanying contents. A very good thing is that you are being offered a range of business and tourist arrangements, the transport of guests and a full security. Some other smaller hotel which Podgorica offers, and which could be interesting for you are Bojatours, small hotel Imanje Knjaz (PROPERTY PRINCE), Lovcen, Hotel Holiday, Martinovic, Imperjal, Sarovic, and many others.

The price of the bed and breakfast in a one bedded room fluctuates depending on the hotel and the service, so you can decide to stay in those who are charging 45, 70, 85, up to 150€ which is the amount which one should averagely single out for the suite.

Restaurant offer of Podgorica is one of its better sides. In the places all over the town you can try the domestic “kacamak” (POLENTA), equally as the Beijing duck. Restaurant “Masa” is the central gather point of Podgorica elite, considering the fact that the interior which is dominated by the great galls surface, and modern design of furniture, together with the exquisite service merge in this place as no where else. Great Italian cuisine, more tan delicious desserts, and excellent selection of drinks and cocktails are a good recommendation for every visitor of Podgorica. During the night it is illuminated solely by candles which create a romantic atmosphere for numerous couples who come here. One of the recognizable Podgorica restaurants is the restaurant Ribnica, with somewhat longer tradition, and in which a great number of festivities and scientific assemblies occur. Restaurant Leonardo offer good Italian cuisine, and for just three years it has become recognizable for its style. It has a nice garden which during the summer months can be a great choice. Restaurant Dvor (CASTLE), in the House of Cubranovici, which is the oldest house in Podgorica, and which dates from the 30’s of the XVII century, offers you to sense the history of the town while you are enjoying in some of the national and local meals. Often during the weekend you can relax yourself with sounds of the old town music. Here you can try almost any kind of meat prepared under the iron pan. This specifically Montenegrin way of preparing of meat gives a visitor a taste which he will hardly find anywhere else. Similar ambience you will find in the national restaurant Ognjiste, few kilometers away from Podgorica towards Niksic. This is one of the restaurant facilities which you have to visit. Believe us when we say this. Restaurant Taleia, which is located in the lively building of Montenegrin national theatre, offers Brazilian cuisine and a spectacle during the preparation of the food. Restaurant Stefan is considered to be one of the restaurants which have great food. Next to the theater there are several smaller restaurants such as Posejdon (POSEIDON), which offers the sea fruits as their specialty, as well as Sempre with the Italian food in offer. Of other restaurants in Podgorica we have Caballero and Dank standing out. If on the other hand you like more Mexican food, Podgorica for already several years has its own Mexican restaurant. Chinese restaurant is in the offer of the town since recently. Laterna, is a pizzeria and a tavern, which is dominated by the wood and stone. On about 20 km from Podgorica towards Petrovac we have Voda u krsu (WATER IN THE STONE). Your way towards Petrovac will be complete only if for a moment you stop and relax in the renewed and glamorous saloon with the exquisite national cuisine. Great pizzas which are prepared in the ovens which are heated with woods you can try in pizzeria Calabria. Il Giardino, on the roman square, in the business part of Podgorica, is very popular among businessman, considering the fact that it is situated not far from the seat of numerous ministries, banks, and faculties.

Restaurants of fast food are more popular among younger generations, and maybe the liveliest one is the Old fisherman which is located near the city stadium and offers great fish food. Voda u krsu, Kruna, Gurman, and Cudesa od mesa are also gladly visited localities.

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