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Zabljak Tourism

When we are talking about the arrival with plane we recommend Podgorica as the closest airport, at 170 km from Zabljak. There are several daily flights from Belgrade to Podgorica, and there are also regular flights from Frankfurt, Vienna, Rome, Ljubljana, Paris, Zurich, and Moscow. From Podgorica towards Zabljak you can go buy a bus, especially if you don’t know Montenegrin roads. The departures are frequent from Montenegrin bus station and they last about 2:30, or 3 hours.

Also you can go by your own car, or with a rent-a-car in that way that from Podgorica through Kolasin you will reach Mojkovac, and that from the highway that takes you to Serbia you will turn towards Zabljak. Also from Podgorica you can go to Zabljak through Niksic and Savnik and in a few hours you will find yourself on Zabljak. Anyway if you decide to take a rent-a-car or to go with your own vehicle we recommend that you inform yourself well about the state of the roads and meteorological condition, because persons less familiar with mountain roads and Montenegrin relief can be a problem to manage and deal with somewhat more demanding conditions on the road. Local buses, mini buses, and local taxi drivers are extremely skilful drivers accustomed to this weather conditions, and they are always an option for you for quick, quality, and reliable transportation to the destination which you wish to visit. To Zabljak from Dubrovnik you can come by the road 160 km long through Trebinje, Vilusi, Niksic, and Savnik.

When we are talking about the accommodation hotels Planinka, Jezera, Zabljak, and Durmitor can receive approximately about 1.000 guests, and tourists largely also rest in private accommodation, in motels or in camps. As a part of the hotel Jezera and Durmitor there are villas of suite type which contribute the rich tourist offer. Beside these hotels there are some smaller hotels in the town and around it, and as for the tourist visit for the period around the New Year’s holidays we recommend that you reserve up front the accommodation because this is one of the most popular destinations in the entire region when we are talking about the holidays.

When we are speaking about the hunters and sport fisherman the area around Zabljak is very interesting because of the large number of venison and fish. In thick Durmitor forests you will come across the capital examples of roe, chamois, black cock, wild pig, and bear. The lakes, which often are planted with fish, are rich with trout. Anyhow, you have to ask around about all the details about the fishing regime, necessary licenses etc.

Durmitor area is recognized also by cooking specialties. Durmitor table is dominated with dairy and meat products. Here you will try the best Montenegrin cheese and skim, curds and caciocavalo. At homes people make the best “kajmak” (creamy cheese) as well as the lamb on rotisserie… When speaking about the restaurants Crno jezero, javorovaca, Katun, and few others, which are recognizable by its exquisite national cuisine, stand out. There are some other restaurants to which offer the specialties of domestic cuisine.
From the cafés you have to visit we have City, Cudma suma, Albion, Dvoriste, Stari gaj, and many others in which you will have a wonderful time. Of course you should not forget to take your friends with you!

About 15 km east from Zabljak, on the way towards Pljevlja, there is an impressive construction – the bridge on Djurdjevica Tara. Leaned on the stone cliffs of the river Tara, at the height of 150m above the water, this bridge, which is 366 meters long, is the best witness of the eternal fight of the man and the nature in this part of our country. The works on this bridge were done by the engineer Lazar Jaukovic, during the liberation fight in the WW II he ruined down one arch of the bridge in order to prevent occupying troupes to cross the bridge. Today on the bridge there is a monumental plaque, which is a reminder on the heroism of the brave engineer.

The best way to discover and experience the beauty of this area is to go down the Tear of Europe with a boat or a raft. The surface of the area on which the canyon of river Tara stretches, and which is under the protection of UNESCO is 36 ha.

It can freely be said that rafting on Tara is one of the most attractive tourist arrangements, which Montenegro offers today. The closeness with the intact nature, and the enjoyment in the extreme sport of rafting down the Tara merge in an unforgettable experience. In the offer of almost every tourist agency in Montenegro, as well as in their recommendations, rafting down the Tara is an inevitable element. The arrangements vary from one day ones to the ones that last several days, depending how much you wish to meet the river and the nature surrounding it. The arrangement doesn’t include only rafting down the river, but it also includes getting connected with the nature. Rafting is a unique opportunity to get to know the geological, floral, animal, and even cultural diversity of Montenegro. You will get to know Montenegrin cuisine, right there on the shore, where your hosts will prepare the just caught fish and where you will be able to drink water directly from the river or from some of the fresh streams from some of the rivers tributaries.

One of the specifics of river Tara, beside its cleanness, and special status when we are talking about UNESCO, is the fact that it offers itself to its visitors as a exquisite opportunity for rafting and kayak. Great connoisseurs of the sports of this kind have said that this river with just a few other rivers in the world is a paradise for this sport. Beside the adrenaline experience which the going down the rapids gives to you, in front of your eyes there will be some fantastic sights in which floral and animal world merge with the authentic construction of that area – cottages, summer pasture houses, and mills.

The characteristic of Tara is such that you can experience it exclusively through the rafting down all its flow. This at the same time is the most interesting and most attractive way to spend your vacation in the surrounding which at one moment offers you a perfect peace, and already in another, on some of the rapids can make your heart bang faster than ever before. The canyon of Tara is marked with one of the highest grades with which it is listed in the top world destinations. Agency offer, when we are talking about rafting is also one of the best ones in Montenegro. The trips, which can last from one to several days, depending on your interest, gives you a possibility to get to know with this area bit by bit in the company of some experienced and dedicated guide. The length of the rafting also depends on your interests and there are arrangements from 15 to 80 kilometers. You pass by “luka” (harbors), and hot wells, you meet waterfalls, and in the entire flow of the river there are over 50 rapids. As a part of the trip beside the natural beauties which the guide will show you, and which you will see for yourself, you will have the opportunity to get some knowledge about the cultural treasure of this area, and also to try gourmet products from the north of Montenegro such as cheese, “kajmak” (creamy cheese), and “prsut” (smoked ham).

During the rafting you will get to know numerous rapids where the nature is both beautiful and wild at the same time. The fall of water and the Height variation in some parts of the canyon will make your experience unrepeatable, because around 50 rapids, as much as there are on Tara, promise you great thrill which you can have on just a few other world rivers. Especially interesting rapids are the ones on Bratanovica, then Buk celije, Pecine and others.

For the lovers of extreme sports canyon Nevidio, the canyon of river Komarnica will be a great opportunity for enjoyment. What is characteristic for the canyon Nevidion is the fact that it was seen by fewer people than Mount Everest, because it is pretty hard to reach, and in some parts it is just from 40 cm to 1 meter wide.

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