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Zabljak Hiking Tours

1. Zabljak (1436 m of height above the sea level) – Uskoci – Curevac (1625 m of height above the sea level). An easy walking path, with about 8 kilometers of the road through the conifer wood, with exquisite sightseeing places towards the canyon of river Tara and towards the circs. The tour lasts for 4 hours and 30 minutes.

2. Zabljak (1436 m of height above the sea level) – Ivan do – Mlinski potok – Zmijinje jezero (1520 m of height above the sea level). A path which is suitable for walking. It is 5 kilometers long. The tour lasts for about 2 hours.

In the zone of the national park there are special places intended for camping among which the most beautiful ones are II camp, Zugica luka and Radovan luka.

Great paths and three ski lifts are a good invitation to the funs of skiing. From the sloper the best ones are Savin kuk, Stuoc, and Javorovaca. Savin kuk has also two funiclar railways, a ski lift, and entire ski service. The length of the slope is about 3.500 meters. Stuoc is somewhat shorter with 2.600 meters, but it is extremely attractive, while Javorovaca with 800 meters is somewhat shorter. Since the beginning of 90’s there is a ski club Zabljak, and if it is known that mountain skiing association Durmitor was founded in 1930’s then we can speak about the long and rich tradition of winter sports in this area. Snowboard on Durmitor appeared at the beginning of 90’s, and the first snowboard club Savin kuk is a pride of this area. Durmitor was a host to numerous snowboarders, so often they gather here on open competitions and mutual contests.

Interesting data would be that on Debeli namet during the summer in the organization of the ski center Durmitor summer slalom is being held since this part of the mountain Durmitor is under the snow cover all over the year, even in the hot summer months. Debeli namet is few hundreds of meters long. You must admit that there are few destinations in the world of this kind.

Also on Durmitor you will meet paragliders who consider Durmitor to be one of the most suitable areas for this sport.

When we are talking about the speleological activity Durmitor is a real paradise. There are over 300 speleological objects that appeared thanks to the geological composition and climate hydrological characteristics of this area. Fascination with the pits, channels, and caves in this territory is several centuries old. Speleological objects of Durmitor are rich with stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, draperies, and all other kinds of cave jewelry, so it is no wonder that they are interesting to all those who visit Durmitor and who are not from around here. On this terrain pits are mostly developed so the three deepest and longest objects are of the pit type – The pit on Vjetrena brda (WINDY HILLS) with the examined depth of 897,5 meters and it represents the deepest pit on the Balkans. International expedition that in the middle of 1980’s was examining its interiors spend days in it at the depth of 570 meters from the entrance, at the temperature of about 8 Co. The pit in Mali Lomni dol (SMALL BREAKABLE WALE) is 605 meters deep, and the pit system in the north rings is 465 meters deep. Together all these three pits make maybe the most interesting spots on the entire Durmitor.

On Durmitor too there is an alpine service of salvation that is successfully dealing with all the needs of the visitors of the mountain. In case of a trouble the alpine service of salvation acts quickly and effectively, but there are also entirely ready and qualified guides if you decide to have a tour on this mountain massif.

The visitors of Durmitor can decide to have some other types of recreation such as: riding – horses can be rented in the national park, then rowing over the lake – service of the national park rents boats, or you can take up the sport fishing on the river Tara, on Crno and Vrazije jezero in the period from the 1st of May to the 1st of October. More information about the permitted terms and maximal catch you will get in the services of national park who with their actions try to held all the lovers of nature at the same time preserving is for the generations to come. In the administrative building of the national park you can get all the information, look at the Natural collection of the National park and find suitable souvenirs from domestic handicraft.

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