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Zabljak Recreation

This is a real paradise for all funs of sport, especially in some extreme option. On Durmitor you will meet lovers of mountain climbing, paragliding, mountain bike etc. Durmitor with its relief and unreal surrounding owns top-level conditions for engaging in these disciplines. For those with less courage there are marked mountain paths and boats on lakes. The funicular railway, which will allow you to meet and catch with your eye all the summits of Durmitor in a virtual flight, we highly recommend to you.

Mountaineering tradition on Durmitor exists for more than a century. In this area with extreme climate conditions and great natural potentials mountaineering imposes itself as the first in the range of activities with which Durmitor offers itself to its guests. Whether you are interested in alpine climbing, orient running, sport climbing, free climbing, or maybe just walking trips Durmitor will give you a complete enjoyment in each of these disciplines. If you are interested in an easier option, walk over the glade, not far from Zabljak, the walk beside the lake or through afforested hills will be the right choice for you. If you have a more adventurer spirit several day and extreme options of getting to know with this mountain massif you are also being offered to you as an exquisite opportunity in this part of Europe. The safest mountain climbing happens on marked tracks which lead to all summits and which go in all directions. All paths are marked and described by the experts, and on Zabljak there is also a mountain association and a great number of expert guides who will take you through Durmitor area. On Durmitor there are few mountain homes, mountain cottages, shelters and camp areas. Durmitor is a place where traditionally mountain climbers gather every summer, and start their winning of Bobotov kuk.

Alpine climbing, which demands from a man exquisite physical preparation, experience, and knowledge of technique of climbing and readiness to confront extreme circumstances, has also found its place on Durmitor. Sediment rocks, edgy summits, and ridges characterize Durmitor. Both during the summer and during the winter it is extremely favorable for preparations and training of alpine climbers. From important rocks and alpine directions those towards Savin kuk stand out, as well as the ones on Sljeme with the height of 2455 meters above the sea level, and the one from Valoviti dol on Minin bogaz at the height of 2387 meters of height above the sea level. Of mountain destinations, having in mind the summits above 2100 meters of height above the sea level we have Bobotov kuk (2522 m of height above the sea level) as the most interesting alpine destination with a marking towards the summit, and of others with similar quality, and exquisite sightseeing places there are Bezimeni vrh (NAMELESS SUMMIT, 2487 meters of height above the sea level), Sljeme (2455 meters of height above the sea level), Soa (2440 meters of height above the sea level), Minin bogaz (2387 meters of height above the sea level), and Medjed (BEAR, 2288 meters of height above the sea level).

Knowing that alpine climbing is one of the extreme sports whose characteristic is a great presence of risk, for this sport it takes a lot of training, and supervision from expert persons. So on Durmitor, as a part of the Mountain association there is an alpine section so it is recommended that you talk to enthusiasts who are the members of this section if you are interested in this way of meeting the mountain.

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