Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air is interested in flights from Podgorica, said the ambassador of that country in Montenegro, Kristian job in an interview with the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Ivan Brajovic.

The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs has announced that Brajovic and Poša discuss development and infrastructure projects in transport, concluding that there are good prospects for further cooperation between the two countries.

“Montenegro is an interesting tourist destination for Hungarians and any improvement of the infrastructure in terms of increased safety, quality and speed of travel should be welcomed and supported,” the business, pointing out, as stated, that there is an interest of the Hungarian low cost airline Wizz Air to establish flights from the airport, according to some European cities.

According Pose, Montenegro was recognized as an “island of peace” in the Balkans in the past 20 go-dunes, which, as he assessed, for significant investments may also crucial.

Posa emphasized that for Montenegro next year is very important, above all because of the potential calls for NATO membership, stressing that Hungary supports Montenegro’s efforts to meet the standards and as soon as it becomes a member of NATO.