Enjoy to the fullest the Bay of Kotor

If you have decided to spice up your stay in Kotor with activities, we suggest boat tours.

A boat ride is the ideal way to experience all the landmarks of this beautiful bay to the fullest. Unlike touring by bus, car or taxi, when you are on boat you have the freedom to quench the heat of a summer day by jumping into the crystal depths of the bay.

The Bay of Kotor is an ideal place for swimming. Because of numerous submarine springs and brooks that flow in the sea from the surrounding mountains, the water is always of the best quality. As you spend your time in the sea, you enjoy the dramatic mountains that surround it, and its beautiful colour projected from the green slopes. 

It’s never boring in the bay in hot Mediterranean summer. Beside bathing in pleasantly cold water, you can grab masks and go snorkeling. There are several places in the bay that are interesting to observe, such as the wreck of a Yugoslav ship near Perast, schools of fish entering the bay through Verige, or huge shells in the shallow waters around the island of St. Mark.

For those who love adventure, dare to jump from the the entrance to the submarine base. For those a little less brave, there’s Galebova stijena (Seagull’s Rock).

If you never get tired of visiting historical landmarks, we recommend a visit to Our Lady of the Rocks, and Perast, but also all the small maritime villages you will come across by sailing along the coast. The coastal places belonging to Kotor municipality, such as Dobrota, Ljuta, Prčanj, Stoliv, are full of history and fantastic stories from the period of war and peace, legends and love stories. Also, there are Risan mosaics that testify to the Greco-Roman past of this area, as well as prehistoric drawings in Lipci.

For those looking for more, there is the option of combining boat tours with hiking. There are numerous possibilities, as the surrounding hills are full of exciting hiking trails. We recommend a tour of Gornji Stoliv that best depicts what is the Outstanding Universal Value of the Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor recognized by UNESCO.

At Galebova stijena there is a beautiful beach tucked away in the shade of greenery. There are several beaches in the Bay of Kotor and outside of it where you can take a break from boat ride if you wish. The beaches in Oravac, Dražin Vrt and Morinj are popular.

If you want to get out of the bay, the tour to the Blue Cave is very attractive. We recommend that you make an appointment for a ride early in the morning, or before sunset. Then the cave gets beautiful shades of turquoise thanks to the refraction of light at a certain angle.

Many guests like to learn something new during their holiday. We recommend fishing tours where you can get free fishing lessons, both children and adults. Everything you catch you may keep and prepare a delicious meal. Many restaurants will gladly prepare the fish you catch. You can arrange all this with the captain, who is also someone who will help you to get off the beaten track with insider tips, and talk about the past and present of Kotor.

Most important of all is that you can experience all of this or some, it’s up to you. This is exactly what you get by choosing a boat ride – freedom of choice – which means that all tours can be adapted to your plans and wishes.