The Bay of Kotor is one of the unique natural attractions of the Mediterranean. Kotor is located at the end of Boka Bay; surrounded by mountains, notably Lovćen National Park, and the sea, it is no wonder it is officially one of the 25 most beautiful bays in the world. If you’re uncertain on where to go then, certainly Kotor is probably your best bet.

Although the time and place of its origin are not established the history is undoubtedly rich. Kotor is situated in the triangle bound by the sea, river Škurda and hill Saint Ivan, on top of which stands the fortress of San Giovanni.


How to get to Kotor Montenegro?

Although Tivat and Podgorica are Montenegro’s main international airports, it is often easier for visitors to arrive via Dubrovnik Airport (Croatia), since it has a greater range of flights and airlines. We’ve shared a few basic options for transportation from Dubrovnik to Kotor here.

If you fly directly to Montenegro, you can go to the capital, Podgorica, which is still an hour and a half from Kotor. The other direct option is Tivat Airport which is only about 15 minutes from Kotor, but flight options may not be as affordable.

If you choose the option of flying into Dubrovnik and traveling to Kotor overland because direct flights to Montenegro are much more expensive, it’s good to know that journey takes just under 2 hours by taxi. It takes much longer by bus because of the long wait at the border between Montenegro and Croatia, and the location of the bus station on the opposite side of Dubrovnik to the airport.

If you are not on the budget, try finding a direct flight or get a private shuttle from Dubrovnik airport to Kotor, which is around 80€.


What is the weather like in Kotor Montenegro?

The climate in Kotor and its surroundings is Mediterranean with warm and dry flights and mild and humid winters. The average annual temperature is 15.2 ° C. Very common question in our inbox is “What is the best time to visit Montenegro?” 

Million dollar answer is – if you want to swim along the coast, the water doesn’t really start warming up until May, but gets to a lovely 25°C (77°F) by the end of the month, staying warm until the beginning of October.

In the period from mid-May to early October, the temperature is above 18 ° C, which allows a long bathing season (as much as 144 days a year). Boka Kotorska, a unique natural fjord in the Mediterranean, has long since attracted different nations to its origin and beauty. If you are visiting Kotor soon, make sure to follow the weather forecast.

Where to stay in Kotor Montenegro?

There are 21 hotels in Kotor working all year round. All hotels have the necessary tourist standards and they fulfill the criteria of the modern tourists. Old doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable or run down. There is a surprising range of hostels, hotels and restaurants to support the spectrum of tourist types.

When you decide to spend your summer vacation in Kotor Montenegro, the guests mostly spend their holiday in some of the best Kotor hotels: Forza Mare, Forza Terra and Casa del Mare. According to the marks of expert commissions for standardization and categorization, there are 6 hotels with 3 stars; there are 13 hotels with 4 stars and only 2 hotels with 5 stars.

If you are interested in vacation rentals in Kotor, there are hundreds of properties to choose from. The owners of the private accommodation are mostly advertising themselves through private tourist agencies or online. The prices in those facilities are pretty lower, compared to the hotel prices. For those who want comfort, along with the exclusivity and enjoyment, there are numerous villas, newly built, or those that used to be magnificent edifices, palace for reception of gentlemen and guests.

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Things to do in Kotor Montenegro / Kotor events?

The longer you stay in Kotor Montenegro the more you feel under the spell of this charming little city. There are many hidden gems to be discovered if you have the time to do so. Here are the TOP 5 tourist attractions in Kotor!
There are very interesting manifestations happening in Kotor: Camellia Days – in honor of the Camellia flower; St. Tryphon’s Day – in the glory of the protector of the town, Kotor Carnival – originally called “FESTANJE” (CELEBRATION), Festival Of The Underwater Movie – an introspection of the movies made to promote the richness of the sea aquatorium of Montenegro, Kotor’ Summer Fiestas take place during July, Child’s Festival held at the beginning of July, International Fashion Festival – the introspection of fashion, Fasinada – is another manifestation held in July, International Summer Festival – in August, Bokeljska Noc (Boka’s Night) – the boat defile, which are being decorated for days in August, International Music Clapper Meeting – music festivity held at the end of August.
There are also flower exhibitions, art exhibitions, theatrical performances, camellia balls, the choice of Camellia Lady (March); Montenegro Cup (Free climbing) – shooting of cocktails, traditional festival (May); The Fragrance Of The Mediterranean (July); Fireworks (August) and New Year’s Eve in the city square.

We have compiled a list of TOP 10 KOTOR TOURS!

What are the 5 must-visit places in Kotor Montenegro?

Kotor old town  one of the best-preserved medieval towns in this part of the Mediterranean.

Perasta tiny village nestled on the edge of the bay and renowned to be one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro.

Our Lady Of The RocksA Roman Catholic Church built on a legendary position in the Bay of Kotor. Some sailors found an image of Madonna and the Child on a rock in 1452 and started throwing more stones on the exact spot after every successful voyage.

St. John FortressClimbing up to the fortress St. John or as people from Kotor like to call it San Giovanni, starts with the serpentines from the east part of the Old Kotor, which go to the very top of the fortress on 280 m above sea level.

Kotor Maritime MuseumThe Maritime Museum of Montenegro in Kotor has grown out of the collection founded by the “Boka Marine” Fraternity.



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