Piva Lake (Pivsko jezero) is an artificial lake located in Municipality Plužine, on the north-west part of Montenegro. Piva landscape is marked by dense stands of trees, limestone plateaus with some spectacular canyons formed by the Tara, Piva, Komarnica and Sušica rivers.

Lake Piva was formed after the Piva River was dammed to generate hydrologic power in 1975. There is a dam, near village Mratinje 10 kilometers from Sćepan Polje, which is 220 meters high and it has an amazing view of the lake on one side, and the river with its canyon on the other side. The lake itself is deep at some places more than 200 meters, and 45 kilometers long. The elevation is 675m from the sea level, making it the most elevated artificial reservoir in the world. Piva Lake represents the largest reservoir of fresh water and it has fantastic conditions for doing sports activities. On the bottom of the lake there is the old town Plužine; Piva Monastery was also there, but it has been relocated.

Piva Lake, Pluzine
Piva Lake, Pluzine

With its turquoise color and crystal clear waters, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Montenegro. Even though it is a man-made, the lake fits perfectly in the mesmerizing surroundings. Piva lake offers everything you can expect from a cruise, and even more than that, its emerald – blue waters full of fish (trout and chub) represent a true paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Cruise in Piva lake represents a real enjoyment and offers you relaxing, peaceful day on a lake, in natural environment, with beautiful views and calming fresh air.

The deep green colour of the lake, surrounded by thick forests, make the whole place look magical. In summer times, people go swimming in it or go on cruising on the lake, catching the chance to enjoy amazing sights, and see untouched nature and beautiful caves from the lake.

Don’t forget to visit the sacred Piva Monastery and discover the amazing history behind it.

Surrounded with high mountains of Durmitor, Vojnik, Golija, Volujak and Maglić, the Plužine and Piva region make an extensive Montenegrin mountainous area. Magnificent viewpoints, exciting landscapes, in short beautiful nature will leave you speechless.

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