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Kolasin Top 5

Platije and Mrtvica Canyons

We can say with every right, is a country with most beautiful canyons in our continent. Mountains, which have been created for millenniums, almost in every corner of our country, are intersected with transparent, cold, and fast hill rivers. River Moraca, in that way, has incised a canyon of fantastic beauty which you will be able to see in its beauty even if you just pass through the highway Podgorica – Kolasin. Should you want to meet it from a closer range you will find 1.000 meters deep incised sides and a river, which in certain places looks as if she is resting, and on others it is rampant. The canyon of its tributary, Mrtvica, is like a journey on some other planet. A place which has been visited by a very few people, selfishly preserves the most beautiful and intact nature which no other destination in the world can offer you.

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