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Ulcinj Entertainment

As much as it attracts with its look, centuries old tradition, culturally recognizable identity, Ulcinj doesn’t fall back in the area of rich amusement offer and relaxation, which classifies it in the coastal places of extra quality. Especially during the summer period, Ulcinj is full of various amusing shows, which from day to day are spontaneously organized in Ulcinj`s restaurants, cafes, hotels, open-air terraces, beaches and in beach bars. Interesting and always smiled people from Ulcinj, their cheerful mood and hospitality unselfishly share with the tourists.

Beside the more of the 20 beaches where guests and visitors in Ulcinj swim, sunbathe and amuse themselves in various ways every day, similar possibilities for the summer vacation also offer hidden places like Ulcinj`s strands and crags, which are usually used by the lazy tourists, who wish a true intimae or those who don’t like loud places or crowded beaches. Except the whole day rest on almost all Ulcinj beaches, gives you a possibility of one hour drives of paddleboats and oar boats. On certain beaches there are visibly marked places for scooter drives and drives of motorboats or rubber bobsled. If you don’t have the necessary licenses for practicing these sports, that will not be a problem in Ulcinj, because the adequate training and help will be given to you by several exquisite instructors.

If on your summer vacation your children are going too, beside swimming and playing in the sand, on Ulcinj beaches there is a lot of space intended for the youngest population. Those places are usually made in sand, and are composed of mini playgrounds with necessary children requisites. Also, certain parts of the beaches are turned into children playgrounds, and in the nearby there are smaller swimming pools and popular summer toboggans.

For sport funs, who that kind of fun can’t live aside even in the days of their rest, in the scope of the hotel complex “Velika plaza” there are: football fields, as well as tennis terrains, as well as the terrains for little sports, basketball, volley ball or hand ball. Big tennis playgrounds are located next to the hotel “Galeb” as well as on Ada Bojana. In primary and secondary schools in Ulcinj several exquisite sports halls have been made, while swimming pools are situated in the hotels “Olimpik” and “Galeb”

Very interestingly you can spend on a famous Ada Bojana, surfing on the waves, riding horses, driving on the kite or skillfully diving into the big waves..

If after that you are still craving for more excitements, from a little airport in the place called Stoj, close to Ulcinj, you can fly a motor kite, admiring to the picturesque panorama of Ulcinj, watching the sea, River Boajan, Skadar Lake, beaches and numerous Ulcinj mountains.

If you like surprises and your nerves can withstand a little bit of cruelty, in Ulcinj every year ram fights are organized. In the little arena in the Old town, people from Ulcinj often, and most gladly during some religious holidays for guests and visitors organize traditional rams fight. That ancient custom gathers even few thousand observers and rooters.

After the rest and fooling around, you can continue to enjoy in numerous Ulcinj cafes, restaurants or taverns. Almost all resort compounds in Ulcinj or in its surrounding, from night to night offer extra amusement events like: mini concerts, performances of famous singers, various dance and show programs, karaoke show, various contests or fun nights which understand various lotto games and rewards for the visitors. Even though everything emits an air of Orient, and in the numerous resort compounds you can hear the sound of Albanian folk music, in Ulcinj you can also have a good time with the rhythms of the modern music so in numerous Ulcinj cafes often hip – hop, rave, dance or similar parties are being prepared. There are also numerous discotheques or open air cafes which younger population visits and where in teenage generation the best night funs happens.

Apart from several Ulcinj cafes which are located in the center of town, in the farther or nearer surrounding there few more arranged discotheques, which are opened from 21.00 h to 05.00 h.

If it is another kind of fun that you wish, then the best solution is to go to Ulcinj hotels, restaurants or taverns. With a suitable dinner, Montenegrin vines or sweet deserts you can spend a pleasant and beautiful evening, watching, from the hotel complex “Dvori Balsica”, Ulcinj sky full of stars. The supporters of culture, after a light dinner can set themselves to the city squares on which maybe they will meet some, still unheard of, painter who observing the Old town is trying to convey with the skillful moves of the paintbrush the impression he is experiencing onto canvas. Searching for some new bestseller you can go and see bookstands, which are found on several locations in the vicinity of the Old town. The admirers of culture and art can also attend numerous plays or theatre events, which are held in the scope of the manifestation called “Summer Scene” in the Old town. A very pleasant night in Ulcinj you can spend too if you decide to go for a walk from the city port to the end of the beach below the Old town.

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