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Ulcinj Food & Drink

Neither more beautiful area nor more tasty food, the gourmands would say, those who have at least once visited Ulcinj and its famous and far known restaurants like fish restaurant on Ada Bojana “Kosuta Barakuda”, “San Marino” or the restaurant “Misko”. You can not imagine how many smells or tastes, of various meals prepared in Oriental or the way that old Montenegrin women used to prepare or prepared by the newest receipts of the world chefs, you can try in Ulcinj hotels, restaurants or in the open terraces or open air restaurants.

Those familiar with the “small secrets of the great chefs” will advise you that it is the best that first several days of your vacation in Ulcinj you try out something typically Montenegrin like: aperitif – homemade brandy, made out of the finest sort of grapevine.

With such an aperitif, those who are frequent guests of the Montenegrin coats know that a slice of dried cheese or cheese taken out from oil, which is an inevitable segment of menu, suits best. When to that a slice of thin cut smoked ham is added, then you can believe that you have been treated with 3 basic products by which Montenegro is recognized in the world. If we add to that, that with the lunch, which can be a piece of some nicely roasted meat, like: lamb, veal, beef, everything ca be poured with red wine like “Procordem”, or “Vranac”, you’ll get several products which are the trademark of Montenegro.

Even though in the menus of various resort objects in Ulcinj you can try almost all meals made of fish and meat, the tourists that in Ulcinj come from various parts of the world, most gladly eat Mediterranean specialties, like meals rich with sea products: rise with sea products, garnished lobster, oysters, mussels, finger like shells, thick stone soup, octopus salad… For the above suggested menu, the offer of meat meals does not fall back: mixed, boiled, roasted, steaks…

The majority of the tourist places in the world, beside by the culturally – historic or other fame which make that destination interesting to the tourists, can have a good reputation by its cuisine specialties, that is, by the traditional meals of the cuisine of that area. You should believe that it is the case with Ulcinj. When you try out meals like Ulcinj sarma in green leafs or bamias you will be clear why the old women from Ulcinj, and especially their mothers or grandmothers were skilful housewives, and why they knew how to make Ulcinj cuisine more delightful and traditional meals tasty.

For meal like sarma in green leaves, you need a homemade “rastan”, a certain kind of cabbage, which is bred in Montenegrin households. Also for preparation of that meal you have to use beef meat, oil, onion, rise, pepper, parsley and some dried meat by your choice. “Japrak” is a traditional meal from Ulcinj, and it is prepared something like sarmas, only in stead of using sour cabbage leaves the mixture prepared is being put into the leaves of young boiled “rastan”.

Far famous is also specialty bamia. That is one sort of a plant resembling vegetable. It has a woody shrub like hibiscus, and it came to Ulcinj from Orient, more precisely from Abyssinia, and East India. It has seedcase similar to chilly peppers. Most frequently bamias are used in Ulcinj with veal meat, onion, salt, pepper, red pepper, fresh tomato, and parsley with the addition of water. After stewing onion and meat, the meal along with the rest of the groceries necessary for the preparation, is boiled at a small temperature for about half an hour. For that time bamias along with the onions are lightly fried in another baking dish. When bamias soften they are added to the prepared mixture with meat, and it is altogether put in a clay dish and it is baked in the oven for about 5 minutes. So, one of the two most frequently made Ulcinj specialties you can try if you patiently in some Ulcinj restaurant wait for about 40 minutes, the time which is necessary for a skilful cook to prepare a very delightful and what is most important a traditional Ulcinj meal. For tasting famous Montenegrin and specialties of Ulcinj cuisine we recommend a hotel complex “Dvori Balsica” in the Old town.

As the well known grilled meals, Ulcinj resort owners will often recommend you small meatballs in a round loaf of white bread, while famous burkes (pies) – with cheese, or green vegetables, you can try in numerous pastry shops or “burek” shops (shops specialized only for making “bureks”).

When you try famous Ulcinj sweets, in which beside baklavas, tulumbas or halvas in various ways prepared, there is pizza with dried figs, you will know why young women from Ulcinj and especially just married women, are trying to copy from old cook books and to prepare according to the old recipes as many typically Ulcinj and long forgotten meals.

Beside the restaurants among which “Montana”, “Shasi”, or “Grande amore” stand out, in the old and the new part of Ulcinj and its surrounding there are many objects, like old taverns in a typically Oriental or ethno style, nicely arranged open air terraces, pizzerias, cafes… where you can also enjoy trying out or consuming various kinds of meals and drinks.

For the younger population, to who speed and desire for as crazier amusement does not allow that the night “easily flows”, in Ulcinj there are a great number of strands, or stalls with fast food, where with the quick service world popular fast meals are served: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, slices of pizzas, hot – dogs, roasted chicken…

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