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Ulcinj Recreation

It is enough just to arrive in Ulcinj and to already think how only one look on this ancient town is enough a recreation for an entire hot summer day. But when you get into sightseeing of the town and its suburb, you realize that it is necessary to spend several days in Ulcin in order to fully meet it and enjoy in its Old town and its beaches, ethno taverns, stores or markets. If you choose Ulcinj exclusively for tourist reasons, you will find it hard to resist the spirit of Orient, and you won’t feel like leaving your favorite beach, hotel where you’re staying or the terrace of the private apartment from which you can observe the town… Maybe right at the moment when you are having some nice conversation with your loved one, or drink a exquisite Turkish coffee which is masterfully prepared by housewives in copper coffeepots and pour into little demitasse, your look starts wandering and you decide to recreate yourself walking through the Old Ulcinj town or through a nearby old Ulcinj nucleus.

As the majority of tourists, usually, spend their vacation on the beaches swimming and sunbathing, such activities in Ulcinj are not just a recommendation but also an irresistible call. The beaches of Ulcinj are simply lurking you… petty and healing sand which pleasantly attaches to your wet body, warm sea, parasols made of reed or of coll, a pleasant breeze which cools the summer hotness and a mandatory colorful summer cocktail which you are sipping, while observing the surrounding under your dark sun glasses, all of this creates a picture which irresistibly reminds on beaches of Hawaii, Caribbean, Maldivian, Jamaica…

Whether you’re spending your day in the city arranged bathing beaches, in nudist beaches, in the naturalistic complex Ada Bojana or in numerous hidden copes, rocks, and crags… in Ulcinj you will recreate yourself in the best possible way.

After several days that you have been spending in a constant rhythm: resting on the beach, dining in a restaurant, walking through the town and you become surfeited by that, set yourself off with some wooden barge, paddleboat or oar boat to some new beach, island, more precisely to a cape named “Old Ulcinj” and with the diving gear you can try to meet the underwater world of Ulcinj and its surrounding. There used to be a belief that on the rock of that ridge, the remains of the Old Ulcinj or “Dolcingo Vecchio” are placed. However, with later archeological discoveries it was established that on the above mentioned rock in the classical era there used to be a little signal station (specula) and that in the Middle century there used to be a fortress, which served as an observation tower. Maybe these records are enough to convince you to visit this little ridge, and for a short tie be a researcher. Why not try it? Island Old Ulcinj is loyally expecting you!

However if you’re a skilled diver, Ulcinj beaches and coves are the right place for you. Use the opportunity of renting a barge or a boat and with the help of county fisherman or professional diver set off to the just 5 km distant Cove Valdanos. There you can spend entire day observing the sea bottom, exploring underwater world or seeking for the remains of the shipwrecks or sank loads. You don’t have to worry too much fro the details, because several diving clubs from Ulcinj offer you a possibility of both renting a completely professional gear and training for those who wish to become divers.

If after diving in the waters of Ulcinj aquatorium your wishes for the adventures and recreation even bigger, than the best thing to do is to ask around about the possibilities of sports or underwater fishing or to simply, in the quest for new events you distant yourself form the center of town for one or several days.

The most beautiful and the most attractive destination is Ada Bojana. The informed ones say, that on Ada you will find peace, regain energy and will, throw out negative thoughts, meet and unite with the intact nature, enjoying in trying out freshly taken out sea products, again fall in love with the world around you, or simply on Ada you will once again learn how to live. If you don’t see life as a strict rule of conduct or some kind of a stigma, then Ada is the right solution. The nudist beach and everyday meetings with people of the same or similar views on the world will especially thrill you.

The funs of horse riding can on Ada Bojana, a nudist island that is called paradise on earth, rent riding horses and in the walk beside the sea in the sunset experience memorable moments. On Ada you can also sail, surpass big waves with great speed and rapidity, swim undisturbed and without the danger that you might have went to deep or simply roll yourself in the sea mud which is made by sea waves and sand a lot like flour. Also, on Ada you can ride with paraglide, kite and especially windsurf…

On Ada Bojana there is a windsurf school which owns the newest, top-notch gear. The potentials of Ada Bojana satisfy both amateurs and the high criteria of the professionals. The flat line of the lake water on which first steps of this sport are learned is suitable for the beginners. After only 7 days of training at the professional trainers allows you enjoyment in the waves, and after a one-month training the winds in the open sea are available. The salable winds that blow on the Ada beaches, make excellent waves, which allow high quality windsurf.

If you like to recreate in a less dynamic way, a real suggestion is a ride with your own car or rent – car vehicle to Sasko Lake. By renting a wooden barge or a canoe, you can set yourself of through the dense shrubbery, reed or willow trunks along the Lake, whose surface is 364 ha. Even though bird watching is still in infancy in Montenegro, with binoculars you can observe 260 kinds of birds. Also, you can perpetuate the birds either with a photo or a video camera.

On River Bojana, which is nearby, you can try yourself in hunting or fishing; during the winter by hunting woodcocks and during the summer fishing “lica”. Kind hosts will always gladly take you with their boat to hunt leading you in with the little secrets of hunting. If you’re a hunter, and underwater fisherman or fisherman etc. on River Bojana, and on Porto Milena you can see numerous “calimeras”. “Calimeras” are ancient houses with attractive devices for a specific way of hunting fish, which has effectively kept until nowadays in this area.

If you’re not a fisherman, and you like fish, then in the mouth of the River Bojana you have a wide choice of fish restaurants on water in which you can taste various sea specialties, fishes, crabs, shells…

If you wish for recreation on the sea, the best choice is the excursion with a taxi boat from Ulcinj to some of the neighboring towns like: Bar, Petrovac, Budva, Kotor, and Herceg Novi…

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