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In an exotic coastal place like Ulcinj, you cannot immediately find out what will instantly attract you and on which side will its charms take you. At first it can appear to you that the “Oriental tide” which leads you to little alleys, on city causeways or squares is lurking you, so in wandering from the Old town to the Old Ulcinj you can think that one day lasts for eternity, and your getting to know with this town can seem longer than a century. On the other side Ulcinj attracts you with its exclusivity with – a great natural gift – a naturalistic island Ada Bojana something that very few countries have.

As soon as you decide that your vacation in Ulcinj will not just be swimming and sunbathing, you have to make sure that in this town you will surrender to all possible pleasures. Your enthusiasm with the place where you are staying starts turning into a true emotion, which will hardly be just an ordinary experience. We suggest that you experience Ulcinj truly, to be free and that your thoughts wander, to dream while watching the sea, to surrender to rest to the utmost limits. Put your towel on your shoulder and walk slowly to the Big or Small beach, to some cove or cape or simply wander until you find a place, which at that moment will be the right choice for you. When you completely surrender to peace, sea and quietude, or maybe a little bit tired from the mass of the swimmers on the beaches, you set yourself towards your hotel room, ask around at numerous Ulcinj taxi or van transporters about tourist excursions which are everyday organized, and then decide where to go tomorrow.

Among interesting tourist tours a visit of the Montenegrin monasteries both on the coast and in the interior should be pointed out. You can spend a very pleasant day if you decide to visit Skadar Lake or River Crnojevic. For the tourists very interesting are also not so far trips to the monuments of the culturally – historic development of Montenegro and the ancient capital Cetinje, or a visit to a famous village Njegusi, a place of birth of to Europe well known poet and the ruler of Montenegro Petar II Petrovic Njegos. In the recent years very popular is also a tour, which includes rafting on River Tara. Such tours are directly scheduled or paid at the owners of the van taxi owners. Also, there is a possibility of the organized bus transport, which includes excursions to the above-mentioned destinations along with the lunch and refreshment pauses.

The mentioned trips, one day trips or trips that last for several days, to touristy attractive areas of Montenegro are organized by numerous tourist agencies from Ulcinj, so about the details you can get best information by asking the owner of the agency or going in person to their offices. Also, the necessary data of where to go or what to see in Montenegro you can get in the Tourist organization in Ulcinj.

Because of the closeness of the Albanian border, there are numerous agencies, which from Ulcinj take travelers, by bus, to Albanian town like: Tirana or ancient Skadar. The trip to Albania can be extremely interesting and it is very frequent in the recent years. If you decide to go on a completely opposite side, you have a possibility to visit Dubrovnik on a day. Also, you can use rent – a – car transport to Bar, where from the harbor of Bar you can go by ferry to the Italian towns Bari or Ancona.

Still, the thing that you will most likely include in the program of your summer vacation could be a cruise over the Ulcinj Riviera, a visit to some other beaches and of course a one day trip with the taxi barge or taxi boat to the neighboring towns: Bar, Sutomore, Petrovac, Budva, Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi…

It is best to schedule in advance such tours at the owners of tourist taxi boats or barges, which are placed next to the port in Ulcinj.

If you wish to create your day which you wish to spend out of Ulcinj by yourself, then it is for the best to sit in your own car and easily drive to the all above mentioned, and to Ulcinj neighboring towns.

If you are a real adventured, we are sure that the quest for something unusual will not be an obstacle for you. Known as very cordial and helpful hosts people from Ulcinj will often, after they have accepted you as a dear guest or a sincere friend, advise you that it would be nice to get to know the beauties of the Old town on one or the Old Ulcinj on the other side. Sometimes people from Ulcinj will offer you to personally take you to some old fortress, church, mosque… or some other culturally – historic monuments, with which citizens of that uttermost south are proud of. When they begin to tell you about the beautiful Ada, or River Bojana or the beauties and splendor of the Sasko Lake, it is certain that you’ll quickly change your mind and maybe unplanned extend your summer vacation in Ulcinj for a day or two, or maybe even for seven days, it won’t hurt – wont it?!

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