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The Montenegrin model, Kristina Đurković, who won the title of the Miss Montenegro in 2015, once again won the title, and this time it is the Miss Europe as part of Miss Tourism World competition. The final competition in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) was held yesterday.

Kristina said: “As a Tourism Ambassador I will bring all the beauty of Montenegro into one. The country I represent is the perfect combination of natural beauties and old traditions that have been present for many centuries. Being such a small country, it offers much in culture, traditions and many of its treasures have yet to be discovered. I will do my best to show that we have many advantages, our monuments, old cities, cultural heritage and many ethnic groups that have lived together as one for many years.

Each and every person is welcomes as a tourist and will always be treated as a family member of our country.

Come for a visit and see everything Montenegro has to offer for yourself.”

More than a hundred girls participated in the contest, and in the competition for the Miss Europe there were representatives of 30 countries in Europe.

Miss Colombia Andrea Katarina Gutirez has been named Miss Tourism World.