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The tricky thing about Montenegro private accommodation is that people have different needs and requirements. The quality of tourist infrastructure of Montenegro is continuously improving, and you can find a wide range of facilities catering to all travelers.

Whether you need a peaceful or exciting vacation, hidden beaches, crowded beaches with bars or something else, there are options for everyone. You can choose to stay either in luxurious hotels, rental villas, beautiful studios & apartments or even camping.

The fact is that wherever you choose to stay, you’ll never be far away from the beautiful sea that shamelessly penetrates the coast, exceptional natural beauty, and excellent weather. You can also plan an excursion or tour with us. Those who wish to stay in Montenegro private accommodation have a wide range of options.

Montenegro private accommodation – Zabljak

Zabljak is situated in the northwest of Montenegro, in the heart of the Durmitor region, at an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level and is the highest urban settlement in the Balkans.

Above Zabljak rises Durmitor, monumental mountain in whose foothills the town is located. The mountain, whose highest peak, Bobot Kuk, located at 2523 meters above sea level, includes outstanding natural beauty and unique diversity of flora and fauna with numerous endemic species that are the reason why this mountain area was declared a national park in 1952.

Inevitable excursion for all visitors is the Black Lake. Its crystal blue color is the subject of many travel writers and poets. During winter, it’s covered by the ice sheet and in summer it goes up to 20 degrees so that visitors can swim. Characterized by the so-called bifurcation, swelling of water in two opposite directions, the two rivers – Piva and Tara. It consists of two parts, the Great and Small Lakes. It is located in the middle of dense coniferous forests, at the foot of Medjed, in the heart of Zabljak.


Tara River, known as the tears of Europe, runs partly through the Durmitor National Park and attracts tourists from around the world who are looking for adventure and excitement.

All the beauty that Durmitor and Zabljak possess must be experienced because words cannot describe it. A new route from the Bay of Kotor to Zabljak merged with the sea and the mountain in less than 2 hours drive, so you can enjoy the most beautiful areas of Montenegro.

Montenegro private accommodation – Kotor

At the end of the beautiful Boka Kotorska Bay and right under  Lovcen, the ancient city of Kotor is comfortably situated, like in a big nest. The city, along with Kotor Bay, is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List of protected natural and cultural heritage.

Throughout history, Kotor has suffered many times from various invaders, powerful earthquakes, and fire. Nevertheless, he is continuously renewed, remodeled, fortified, beautiful and managed to survive in the same place and continue to develop.

Throughout the entire Kotor, there are buildings, interlaced with alleyways and squares, which make you feel like you’re in Venice. It is one of the few cities of the Mediterranean that has preserved its fortification, a system of a total length of 4.5 km, and in this respect, it represents a sort of curiosity.


The unusual beauty of a city sprinkled by the waves of one of the most beautiful bays of the world has made nautical tourism a record for many years. The cruisers of the prestigious companies bring guests more than eight months a year. They simply cannot help but feel enchanted by the beauty of the Verige, which is breathtaking.

Montenegro private accommodation – Tivat

Porto Montenegro is a project for the construction of not only a marina for the mega yacht but also a tourist resort on the coast. Tivat, which is sheltered in the Bay of Kotor, under the protection of UNESCO, represents the deepest natural harbor in the Balkans.

The Porto Montenegro project involves the construction of 630 berths for yachts of all sizes, of which 130 for yachts longer than 30 meters. The first part of the marina with 85 berths was opened in June 2009, while in 2010 the marina was expanded to 185 berths.


The resort around the marina, which covers 24 hectares in the coastal belt, includes a promenade and exclusive apartments along the coast, hotels, cafes, restaurants. The construction of this tourist complex continues and will continue until 2020 when it will employ more than a thousand people.

Montenegro private accommodation – Budva

Budva, the metropolis of Montenegrin tourism, is about two and a half thousand years old and is one of the oldest urban centers on the Adriatic coast.

Around the emergence of this city are spun numerous legends of which the most authentic one that says that the founder of Budva is the son of the Phoenician king, genor Cadmus. Cadmus is looking for his sister Europe traveled the Greek regions, where in one of them founded the city of Thebes, in which the Gods have given him a wife Harmony. After being expelled from Thebes, in the area of Budva founded the town where, gave its name from the oxen.


It extends over a length of 38 kilometers, including seventeen beaches of which the most famous are: Jaz, Mogren, the Slovenian beach, Becici, Kamenovo, Przno, Queen’s Beach, Milocer, Perazica Do, Petrovac Beach, Drobni Pijesak, Buljarica, and Lucice. In the opinion of many tourists, the coastal strip from Jaz to Buljarica represents the most beautiful in the whole of the Mediterranean. Tourist season lasts up to eight months – from March to November.