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Budva Beaches

The first organized tourist arrival in Budva, are mentioned in the 1930’s. The beach tourism began with the arrival of the first foreigners, Czechs, to the coast of Budva Riviera. Since then and until now Budva has largely developed, in the tourist sense. On the 12 kilometers, from Jaz to Petrovac on some 20 beaches, in the warm sun, from the 10th of May until the 8th of November you can enjoy for 182 days. Budva Riviera has the surface of 122 km2.

Budva has 25 kilometers of jagged coast. The climate in Budva is typically Mediterranean, which means that the winters are mild and summers usually dry and very hot. Budva has 2.300 sunny hours per year. The temperature of the seawater during the summer is between 21 and 25 degrees celsius.

On the Riviera with pearly beaches, as Budva is also called, we have: 2 km away from Budva is the beach Jaz, 200 meters away from the Old town there are beaches: Mogren I and II, next to the walls of the Old town we have the beach called Ricardova glava (Richard’s head). Beside the Budva Riva we have the beach Pizana, along the shore in Budva we have Slovenska plaza (Slovenian beach), and in the middle part of Budva Riviera we have Becici beach.

6 kilometers away from Budva there is the beach Kamenovo, 300 meters away we have the beach Przno, then two beaches beside the well known King’s residence of Karadjordjevic – Milocer. Some 9 kilometers away from Budva there are two beaches on Sveti Stefan (St. Stefan), nudist beach Crvena glavica (Little red head), and 10 kilometers on the way from Budva to Petrovac is the beach Drobni pijesak (crushed sand).
On the other end of the municipality of Budva is Petrovac, in which we have a city beach, 500 kilometers from Petrovac we have Lucice, and 2 kilometers away is beach Buljarica.

On the greatest part of the beach there are modernly arranged (in Italian and Spanish style) beach bars. The great number of beaches has blue flags, which is a guarantee of their high quality and great comfort. On all the mentioned beaches there are lifeguards who are observing the swimmers and are taking care of them.

For others, who like more peaceful places, the drives and swimming on the Island Sveti Nikola (St. Nikola), popularly called Hawaii are offered, as well as the boat or barge driving along the Montenegrin coast. If you are a lover of intimate places, along the Budva Riviera there are numerous hidden coves, and maybe some still undiscovered places for swimming and resting, as well as the beaches that are maybe just waiting for you. The number of beaches, on which mostly young people go, is also big. On those beaches you feel as if you are on the most exotic world places. Techno, rave, hip – hop parties that are meant to last during the night often are prolonged, so they last even during the day. For a good atmosphere on the beaches DJ’s are in charge. The loud music is characteristic for cafés and mini – bars, but also for the opened terraces along the Budva promenade, and he promenade towards the Old town and Becici.

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