Today is more of a museum building which testifies that the Montenegrin state under the reign of King Nikola I Petrovic, attached great importance on contemporary social, cultural but also architectonical trend of the XIX century and the first few decades of the XX century. “The castle on Topolica” as, because of where it is located, King Nikola's castle else is called, was built by Prince Petar Karadjordjevic, Nikola's brother-in-law, in order to buy it from him in the in 1885. The building has also a small castle, chapels, sentry boxes, and winter gardens. At the beginning of the year 1919, next to the castle spacious ball saloon was added onto.

The King’s castle makes the Mediterranean park, which is rich with marvelous vegetation extraordinary. Today, the complex of the castle is used for the cultural necessities of Bar. The King Nikola's castle also represents a Homeland museum, and in the saloons of the castle special literary evenings, musical concerts, festivals, happenings, art exhibitions are taking place…

As the castle is situated next to the seashore, it used to have a wooden floodgate, which was used for docking in of the ships, because King Nikola owned 10 yachts. It is interesting to point out, that the famous yacht “Sibil” King Nikola bought from the novel writer Gil VERNE, and his last Yacht “Rumija, was sank by Austrian – Hungarian navy in 1915, on the site of the today’s aquatorium . Nearby there is a flower house, of the non-corrosive construction, which was a gift of the Italian King Emanuel, which today stands as the representative resort compound better known as Prince`s garden”.

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