As Bar is a famous Montenegrin harbor, the number of trading shop in it is much bigger, than in some other coastal towns. The biggest and the best selection of clothes, footwear, sports equipment, and food products… you can find in the majority of stores that are situated in the very center of Bar. On both sides of the wide boulevards in Bar there are shops in which mostly and most often you can find clothes, which are produced by the world and the European fashion designers. If you are an incurable supporter of Italian designers, then you’ll be glad to hear that in almost all boutiques in Bar you can find exactly those pieces of fashion clothes which, let say, you could buy in Rome, Milan, Bari… Striving to satisfy the need more and more choosier buyers, the owners of Bar trade shops and boutiques, using the steamship lines to Italy, often go to Bari or Ancona, so their store windows are always filled with the newest pieces of Italian clothes, footwear or gallantry.

Except the fact that they are trying to fulfill high criteria of the regular consumers, and especially of the female world, Bar merchants are more and more trying that in the wide assortment of their products, one can find a good selection of modern children and men clothes, footwear, and gallantry. Especially during the summer period, Bar boutiques are much attended, and mostly because of the very big and quality selection of the newest models of bathing suites. Save the boutiques, in Bar one can find a great number of other selling objects: souvenir shops, jewelry shops, photo shops, commissions, food stores, various hair and cosmetic saloons, toy shops…

If the buying of the branded clothing for you is an unnecessary expense, then you can visit stands with clothes and footwear, that are placed next to Bar’s green market, which is few hundred meters away from the center of Bar. Except the stands with clothes and footwear, you can some across the salesman of the handicraft products, objects d`art and souvenirs, so if you have extra time, maybe that type of shopping could be interesting for you.

For many, rather often and for the famous world centers it is said that beside its: culturally – historical monuments are famous for their various markets. You should believe that it is the case with Bar, because its green market is well-stocked with all Mediterranean fruits, vegetables, fish, different kinds of meat, dairy products…Especially on Saturday the market in Bar is swarmed with both local residents and great number of people from other coastal towns, with foreign and domestic tourists. One can hear some very interesting conversations between agricultural manufacturers, merchants, buyers … English, German, Italian, Albanian language… To those who for the first time visit Bar, we are sure that the real attraction will be the saleswomen on the markets – dresses by the traditional Muslim customs, women covered with white kerchief, with pantaloons or in long skirts of different colors.

The spirit of the Orient which is typical for the Montenegrin town Ulcinj, is also a characteristic of Bar, so you’ll easily find various pastry shops with famous sweet (Turkish) tidbits, pie shops (burekdzinica), but also in Bar there are numerous restaurants in which you can try the famous Mediterranean fish specialties.