The coast of Bar spreads from the cape Stolac, bay Pecin, cape and cove Canj, which is placed between cliffs Velja ponta and cape Sapavica. In the center of Bar, there doesn’t exist a real beach, considering the fact that the larger part of the sea shore is turned into harbor pier, so on the largest part of the shore in Bar there are docks for access of freighters and passengers ships.

The largest part of the shore of the Bar area is steep and stony, with inlets, gulfs, sheer cliffs and standee shore brink. As there is a small number of islands and ridges, the shore of Bar is quite exposed to the waves. The shore of the rear part of Bar is pretty jagged, with lots of characteristic strands, made by bringing material from the rivers or by the effect of the waves. The length of Bar shore that can be used for swimming is 4.964 meters.

Susanj Beach, Bar
Susanj Beach, Bar

The climate in Bar is very characteristic. Beside the fact that it is one of the sunniest places of the South Europe, with approximately 270 sun days per year, the climate has long and warm summers, and mild winters. The average yearly temperature is 16'C. In July the approximate air temperature is 23'C, and in January 10'C. The salinity of the sea is 38 per mill; the transparency of water goes up to 5, and in the open sea up to 45.

On Bar Riviera there are nearly 20 different beaches, bathing beaches, and stony coves that are also used for sunbathing and swimming of tourists.

The famous city beach on Topolica is in Bar. That beach as been reduced in years because of the building of the port and the pier. The coastal part, from the river Zeljeznica which flows through Bar, is covered with rocky material, while the part that is in front of the Hotel “Topolica” in the center of Bar, is rich with petty gravel and sand that is poured from the extraction of the portal basin. River Zeljanica, a big beach, covered by rocky and big-grained sand appeared on Zukotrlica.

From the side of the sea Bar bay is protected by the hill Volujica, behind whose cape there is a sheltered and hardly accessible stony beach Val of Bigovica, better-known for its clean sea water. Two little coves with interesting beaches of the Red rock (the Red cave, the Big and the Small rock), are situated between Val of Bigovica and cape Skocivuk. Moving to Southeast, one comes to a place Ujtin – a brook, and also to bay Mrkojevici. On those parts of the Bar Rivera, the shore is steep, with rocks and numerous cliffs. Still, several beaches are situated there. The beach in the cove Mali pijesak (Small sand), then the beaches Trila and Veliki pijesak (Big sand), which spread all the way to cape Meret. The beach Veliki pijesak is a stony beach, very famous for its clean and clear seawater. That beach is also interesting for the swimmers because of its indented part of the shore on which it is situated and because of its dense subtropic vegetation. The length of the beach Veliki pijesak is 298 m and its surface is 8.046m 2 .

From the cape Meret to the cape Komina, we have coves: under Meret and under Crnjaka, with the beaches that have the same name. Few hundred meters away there is a cove of olives or Utjeha (Consolation), where the beach Utjeha is situated. Beach Utjeha is made of yellowish and whitish limestone. From the cape Adam’s rocky terrain to Karastanov cape, extends the beach in the cove Paljuskovo, and a little bit to the South of those places there is a beach in the Cove Hladna (Cove Cold) and the strand Peskic.

In the cove Canj, a place which is situated on the part of the highway, Petrovac – Bar, there is a beach covered with small sand and gravel, whose length is 797 m. During the summer that beach is a very popular place for rest and recreation both for the local residents and for numerous tourists.

A part of the Bar shore from cape Sapavica to the Black cave which is situated in Sutomore, a place for which can be said that it represents the suburb of Bar, is very steep and it has several coves, so there are no arranged bathing resorts, save the beach in the cove Perazici, bellow Red hill.

The beach in the cove Maljevik is stony and with a steep shore. Southeast from it there is a stony Red beech of Spich.

One of the biggest beaches on Bar Riviera is a sandy beach in Sutormore. That beach has an arched shape, of length 1.070 m and of surface 27.820 m 2 . A great number of small beaches and coves are situated in the part of the Bar Riviera, which stretches between the beach of Sutomore and beaches on Zukotrlica. Those are mostly hotel beaches, among which we should mention the beach of the hotel “Inex – the Golden Shore”, “Little Beach of Ratac”, “White Beach”, “Kadice” and the beach “Soferska”…

Bellow the famous cape of Bar, better known by the name of Ratac, which is overgrown with various kinds of plants, there is a strand with a nudist beach.

The part of the shore between cape Ratac and the hill Volujica, which is better known as the semicircular Bar bay, is covered by gravel and sandy diluvium, and on those parts there are neither arranged bathing resorts nor beaches. East from the mentioned part of the shore, between the cliff Djonov krs (The stone of Djono), rocky shore and plateau Crvanj, the Red beach of Bar is situated. That beach is covered by small-grained gravel and with the sand of reddish color, which gives a particular significance to the beach.

The majority of the hotel beaches and bathing resorts as well as artificial beaches that are situated on the crags or coves, fulfills basic tourist standards. Beside the necessary beach equipment like: parasols, easy chairs, showers, certain beaches have even restaurants, beach bars, terraces and children mini playgrounds. Even though the majority of beaches is situated on a distance not greater than 2 kilometers from the center of the town, we are sure that you will find the easiest way to reach the above mentioned beaches, and enjoy in the blessings of the Sun and the sea in Bar and its surroundings. The safest and the easiest way to inform yourself of how to get to a certain beach, you can find out in the Tourist agency of the town Bar. Also, as a transport to certain beaches, especially those in Sutomore and Canj, you can use numerous small van taxies, which drive tourists from the center of the town to wanted destinations every 15 minutes. If it is the sea where you want to spend the majority of your vacation, then we’re suggesting you ask around with the owners of taxi boats and barges about excursions that are being organized to some of the 20 Bar beaches. The possibilities are various and it’s up to you to decide quickly, and of course visit Bar as soon as possible!

If one day of your vacation you wish to spend in some other town, and on some other beach, we suggest that you use the organized excursions with tourist taxi boats that cruise the lines Bar –Ulcinj, Bar – Budva, or Bar – Herceg Novi.