A place, which is only few kilometers away from Bar, thus it, is considered its suburbs. Sutomore is an extremely interesting and attractive place during the summer, so numerous tourists instead staying in Bar, accommodate themselves in the hotels along the Riviera in Sutomore, or in some of the private houses or villas. On the very brim of the sea in Sutomore there is a long sandy beach, an unusual sight stretches out toward the open sea. If you wish to just go through Sutomore then the best part f your summer vacation you’ll with no doubt spend on the Sutomore beach enjoying sunbathing, swimming or relaxing with the clod fruit drinks on some of the numerous terraces of the restaurants. However, if you wish to go towards places Zagradje or beach Maljek you’ll find the space for camping. Straighten your thing from the bag and camp as much as you wish.

If Sutomore attracts you so much, that you’re planning to stay a little bit longer, beside in the hotel, you can find an adequate and not so expensive accommodation in private houses or apartment villas. Also, if you inform yourself with the amiable locale people, from Sutomore you can go to coast or mountain part of the community Brca. In the foothill of that community there are nicely arranged private houses or apartment buildings, which provide services of accommodation and of boarding house. The mountain part is prevailed by summerhouses, but above them there is a very old community of an interesting architecture, characteristic only for that part of the Bar area. The community Brca as well as entire Sutomore you’ll experience as interesting places for rest, which beside attractive beaches and the surrounding offer rich resort and amusement offer.

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