Let us take you through Top 5 nightclubs in Budva! Budva is famous for its nightlife and guarantees a good time for both younger and older people. On the Budva Riviera, during summer, there are many famous clubs and discos with a pleasant atmosphere, music, modern ambiance, friendly staff, which host almost all pop music stars from the region.

The real clubbing is mainly outside of the Old Town. Some beaches can have local hangouts on the docks with music if you’re into indie hangout spots. However, if you’re interested in outdoor clubs with dancers and happy hour, here’s where you’ll go: Stroll down the main street along Slovenska beach, and you’ll find the main tourist attractions. There’s also indoor Trocadero club near the bank along that way, and it’s open until 5 am. Here is the list of the top 5 nightclubs in Budva:

Top Hill

There are only a few nightlife lovers who stayed in Budva without going to the famous “Top Hill” discotheque, which, according to its interior and equipment, including a capacity of 5000 people, is one of the most beautiful nightclubs in the Balkans. As well as the fact that in 2012, it was declared the best nightclub in the world. However, it’s at the top of a hill near Budva, so it’s a bit of a walk if you’re in the Old Town, but if you get going at 10 or 11, it’s worth it. More at:


Trocadero on the promenade is located on the Slovenian beach in Budva and has the status of a cult place when it comes to the best night outing in Budva. Catching famous regional stars, DJ gigs, and beautiful dancers are just some of the reasons why you should visit Trocadero on the promenade. The club itself resembles the Eiffel Tower, making it a special and unique place in Budva. Every evening during the great parties are guaranteed and there is always room for more. If you haven’t visited this place, do so because their lights are only for you! More at:


Sparta is located in the heart of Budva, which is the most prestigious tourist destinations in Montenegro. This is, without a doubt, one of the most exclusive clubs and the best equipped in the region. As such, the club Sparta provides the best entertainment until the wee hours for more than 600 people. The hot atmosphere with electronic, R’n’B and house music, modern lighting effects, authentic interior, high professional staff and the performances of world famous DJ’s are some of the factors that make Sparta one of the most famous clubs in Budva. More at Sparta Facebook Page


A spot with great entertainment, Latino and electronic sound with famous cocktails. The “Hacienda” Cocktail Bar represents the favorite place of youth and those who feel so. Cocktails, Cuban music, Latin dancers, DJ performances and a unique atmosphere in the fantastic ambience of the city park make “Hacienda” a great place, whether you are a fan of afternoon culinary or crazy entertainment until early morning hours. More at: Hacienda Facebook Page


Night club Paris has been the epicenter of the best entertainment on the Montenegrin coast for years, and the biggest stars of the Balkans are definitely responsible for that, along with fantastic guests who make each night memorable! That’s why night club Paris is synonymous with great parties in a unique ambience in the open, which hardly compares to any other club. It doesn’t hurt to mention that the entrance to most of the concerts is free. More at: