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There are a lot of places in Budva where you can do quality shopping, but one of the most popular option is large shopping mall called TQ Plaza.

The TQ Plaza shopping centre offers you the possibility of spending your day walking and shopping in some of the numerous retail facilities, where you can find the products of the world’s most famous brands, sports equipment selections, cosmetic products, accessories, jewellery, kids’ selection and toys. Find out more at

TQ Plaza, Shopping Mall in Budva
TQ Plaza, Shopping Mall in Budva

Large part of the shops and boutiques that offer the wide spectrum of the choice of the wardrobe mostly of all the world fashion designers and creators, of all patterns, colors and styles, can be found in Budva’s Old town. Nicely arranged boutiques and store windows are alike to numerous shops in world metropolises. Next to those shops there are perfume shops, which offer the products of the distinguished cosmetic brands, jewelry shops, photograph shops, bookshops, libraries, children boutiques, cafés, pizzerias etc…

If you get tired of going through boutiques in the Old Budva’s town, or down the main promenade that is next to the shore, you can also shop on the summer bazaar. The summer bazaar is situated next to the Budva’s promenade, and it offers various goods, clothes, gallantry, beach equipment, various souvenirs etc… Not far from the Old town there are also several selling objects, and a city market.