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Bar Accommodation

Even though Bar compared to the other towns of the Montenegrin coast can’t pride itself with numerous hotels that because of the quality of service and fulfillment of the tourist standards of the modern guests are evaluated with 4 or 5 stars, in the majority of hotels in Bar you still can spend a pleasant summer or winter holiday.

On Bar Riviera there are several big private hotels, as well as the hotels that are in the property of the state. More exactly, in Bar at the moment there are 27 hotels. The majority of the hotel capacities have 3 and 2 stars. The commission for the quality and the standardization found that the municipality of Bar has a disposal of 5.200 hotel beds, 3.000 resort beds and 30.000 beds in private accommodation.

The majority of hotels in Bar, which according to evaluation of the above mentioned commission, got 3 stars are situated in Sutomore, a place that can be considered suburb of Bar. Those hotels are: “Korali“( “the Corals“), “ Mirela“, hotel “Topolica“ in the center of Bar, hotel “Vidikovac“ and the tourist place “Zlatna obala“ (“Golden shore“), also in Sutomore.

Fifteen hotels in Bar have 2 stars for the quality, among them are: hotel “Adria“, hotel “Niksic”, tourist place “Biserna obala” (“Pearly coast”) Canj, hotel “Sozina” Sutomore, and also hotel “Juzno more” (“South sea”) Sutomore. In Bar there are 7 hotels with one star, and we can single out: hotel “Galeb” (“Gull”) Canj, the boarding house “Hrast” (“Oak”) Sutomore and hotel “Palas”.

Even though the majority of hotels in Bar is opened during the whole year, guests still mostly choose for their staying several hotels in Bar, among which is hotel “Topolica” in the center of Bar, which has 3 stars. Hotel “Topolica” is situated in the vicinity of the seashore, it has 300 beds, and for the visitors and tourists it is opened during the whole year. It owns very comfortable rooms and apartments, a restaurant, aperitif, and a snack bar, an opened swimming pool, a congress room, and sport terrains. Hotel “Inex Zlatna obala” (Inex golden coast) is situated in Sutomore, at the very shore of the sea. It has 3 stars, 800 beds, a closed swimming pool and a hall for 300 persons. Also very nicely arranged hotel “Sidro” (“Anchor”) is situated in Sutomore. It is opened over the whole year and it has 230 beds, 2 restaurants, 2 terraces, a tavern, and sport terrains. Next to a beautiful sandy Sutomore beach hotel “Korali” is situated. It owns 832 beds. Beside the restaurants and the aperitif bar, hotel “Korali” has a night bar, tennis terrains, and children playgrounds… In the vicinity of the hotel “Korali” is also hotel “Sozina”, which has 88 beds, a restaurant, summer open-air restaurant and its own parking lot.

On the coast in Sutomore there is hotel “Niksic” with 287 beds in 106 rooms and 8 apartments. It owns a restaurant, a nicely arranged terrace, a nightclub and a parking lot. In the place called Utjeha, on the 12 th kilometer of the highway Bar – Ulcinj, hotel “Vidikovac” is situated. Hotel is opened during the whole year; it has 40 beds in two-bedded rooms, a restaurant, a nicely arranged terrace as well as a parking lot.

Beside the mentioned hotels, in Bar and the surroundings exists a great number of mostly private, luxuriously equipped hotels, which in their offer, beside the standard tourist offer, have saunas, jims, beauty saloons, parking garages, children playgrounds and playgrounds for fun…

Beside the hotel accommodation, in Bar municipality, the accommodation in private houses and villas is very well developed. Even though the precise data would show much more, it is considered that in private accommodation in Bar there are 30.000 beds. The great number of rooms and apartments in Bar municipality that are rented are mostly situated in the suburb of Bar, in places Sutomore, Canj, as well as in town places from which the most famous one is Susanj. In the private accommodation, in contrast to the hotel one you can spend your vacation for somewhat accessible prices. The rooms are mostly of the first and second category, but if you wish for a vacation in a luxurious accommodation, then we suggest that you spend your staying in some of the numerous villas, which Bar as well as suburbia settlements abound in. The information about private accommodation you can seek in Bar tourist agencies or in the Tourist organization of the town Bar. Also, such information can be given to you by helpful citizens of Bar in person, in cafes, on the streets, in stores…

What is also a characteristic of Bar and the surroundings, whether it is about hotels or private houses in which you intend to spend your summer vacation, are the trees of thick Mediterranean vegetation that are placed in front of almost every house, hotel or restaurant. Save the olive trees, Bar is famous by palm trees, oleanders, mimosas and other Mediterranean plants, which decorate the vicinity of the coast as well as suburbia settlements in Bar.

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