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Sveti Nikola Island

The attractive Island Sveti Nikola popularly named Hawaii near Budva, is another attraction of Budva Riviera. According to some sources, the island used to be connected with the town by a sandy sandbar, popularly called “tunja”.

To the island beaches and numerous capes the easiest way to get is by taxi boats, or barges. When you already have reached the destination a translucent and clear see will await you, as well as the blue sky, sunbeams and the smells and tastes of the Mediterranean. One-day trip to the island offer you swimming, researching, if you get in such a project by yourself or you can just simply enjoy in the sea, peace and Mediterranean.

Today the island is privatized in one part, and in that part there is a new restaurant, two modernly arranged beaches. A building of the marina is planed also in that part of the island. The island is full of deers, rabbits, roe deers, birds… as well as some rare floral kinds. It is covered with thick conifers, pine, and spruce forest. With its greatest part the island reminds to a non – sufficiently examined parts, which are craving for new Robinson Crusoes.

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