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Sveti Stefan

The Island Sveti Stefan is today best known as a fashionable summer resort. With the sandy covering it is connected to the land, and such islands, which today are very rare, are called “tombolo”. A famous tribe Pastrovici, used this place in the past, more specifically through the XV century for the defense from the enemies, and today that place reminds us about that through the cannon openings and cannons that are kept as a memory and reminder of the past times. The interior of the town is made of curvy, narrow streets. We also have picturesque squares, 3 churches, and the hotel sweets are found in the elegant houses made in the Mediterranean style.

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Sveti Stefan is a summer resort for elite tourists and for the tourists who crave for glamour. When at the end of the 1940’s a decision was brought which said that this place should be turned into a tourist facility, a creation of new history began for Sveti Stefan. Its glory from then until now to world is presented by actors like Sofia Loren and Carlo Bruni, as well as the presidents of the majority of countries of the world, singer, scientists and many others. English princess Margaret stayed as well as Italian King Umberto II of Savoy, famous world actors like: Kirk Douglas, Doris Day, Geraldine Chaplin, Sidney Poatie, Richard Vidmark, Sylvester Stallone, Jeremy Irons… Famous literates Andre Marlow and Alberto Moravia, also stayed in Sveti Stefan, also Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin, famous chess master Robert Fisher, as well as the most beautiful women in the world Claudia Shifer. The majority of the mentioned “crowned heads” stayed in the villa 118, which is a part of the hotel complex “Sveti Stefan”. For that exclusive villa, the price of staying is negotiated with the leaser. The starting price is 1.500 euros a day.

In 1972. year Sveti Stefan got a reward “Golden apple”, as the most exclusive summer resort in the world. In its immediate vicinity a former king’s summer residence is situated, which is today hotel Milocer.

Hotel Milocer is completely surrounded by the pinewoods. In the immediate vicinity is a gorgeous park, which is made of pine tree alleys, nicely arranged smaller parks with various flowers, two beaches, walking path which along a smaller hill leads you to the hotel Sveti Stefan. A special experience represents a lunch or a dinner in the open-air restaurant of the hotel, which is made of the finest white stone.

Such a natural surrounding, like it is the surrounding of Milocer, is ideal for the rest of the tourists with a refined taste. It is a perfect place for the funs of the rest in peace, which is disturbed just with the chirping of some bird or the murmur of the swimmers.

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