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Budva Churches

About the tumultuous history of Budva and its surrounding, today numerous cultural monuments testify. Budva has a great number of culturally – historical monuments, among which a great number of them are monasteries and smaller churches. All those monuments lively document the past historical and social happenings in the area of Budva Riviera. Among the most famous culturally historical monuments we can count in: the Church of Sveti Jovan (St. Jovan), which was built on the VII century, the Church Santa Maria from Punta dating from 840. Year A.D., and the Church of Sveto Trojstvo (St. Trinity) dating from 1804.

North from Budva there is monastery Stanjevici. In which the first Montenegrin Legal code was voted in 1798. The most important and the most frequently mentioned monastery, the literacy center of Pastrovici, the tribe which for a long time had the autonomous municipality made of 12 villages, and which fought against all the conquerors: the Turks, the Venetians, the pirates, later the Austrians, and the Italians, is found above the town – hotel Sveti Stefan. It is made of three churches in which there are some frescoes dating from the XVII century.

Very luxurious is also monastery Rezevici between Sveti Stefan and Petrovac, whose architecture reaches back to the XIII century. Not far from Petrovac is monastery Gradiste, a monument of the late Middle Century.

Still, the great number of churches and monasteries which are found all over Budva Riviera, and that are waiting for all those tourists to whom sightseeing of the culturally historical monuments is much more than just a pleasure.

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