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Situated in the fields of Cetinje, at the base of the Lovcen mountain, Cetinje is a treasure of Montenegrin cultural and historical heritage.

It scent with the architecture from 18th and 19th century that comes from rich greenery of this small city. Cetinje is the capital of Montenegro and Crnogorsko – primorska Mitropolija. During King Nikola’s reign many embassies were built that give it today’s specific looks. Two of the most representative buildings are the Monasteries of Cetinje and Biljarda.

Cetinje Monastery was built in 1701 and even though the Turks destroyed it several times, the people built it up again. There are relics of Saint Petar of Cetinje, one the illustrious patrons of Montenegrin history. Cetinje Monastery represents the spiritual and political seat of the Montenegrin people.

For the state purpose Njegos built Biljarda, a building (monastery) that took its name after the pool (billiards) that this exceptional poet, metropolitan, philosopher and statesman liked to play. Cetinje abounds in museums, as well as the Art Academy, parks and from Orlov Krs there is great view of the city and the mountain of Lovcen.

A very lovable destination, to numerous travelers and tourists, especially in the summer period, are Ivanova korita (Ivan’s riverbeds), where a very nicely arranged hotel complex and a children’s rest home is situated, as well as a recently adapted mountain home. And finally, another must visit destination near Cetinje is Rijeka Crnojevica.

Lovcen National Park

National Park Lovcen is located in rocky region of Dinara Alps. Slopes of Mountain Lovcen steeply, rise from coastal region of Budva and west part of Cetinje. Park is bordered on South with highway Budva – Cetinje and on North with old Kotor road. “Black Mountain”, after which Montenegro got its name, rises to 1749 meters of altitude. Park is 6220 acres large. Office of the Park is at Cetinje.

History of flora and fauna plays important role in National Park Lovcen who with nine different habitats at a very small space. So large number of habitats is result in large diversity of flora and fauna. There are 2000 plants in the Park. This abundance of life is result of extreme altitudes and under influence of two climate zones: Mediterranean and Continental. Their combination at such small space is cause of creation of unique habitat.

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