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Cetinje Tourism

The development of tourism in Cetinje began long time ago. The need for organized provision of the management or tourist services appeared at the beginning of the XIX century. The first written document dates from the year 1808., and it is related to the inn of the nobleman and the senator Milo Martinovic. In the middle of the XIX century in Cetinje a number of tourist compounds existed, by which later some parts of the town are being named. At that time inns like “Na krcme” (on jugs) or “Na hanove” (on inns) are being opened. Still, the first more serious tourist compounds object was the hotel “Lokanda”, later called “The Grand – hotel”, which is considered to be the oldest hotel for giving tourist and management services in Montenegro. “Lokanda” began to work in 1864. At the beginning of the XX century, Cetinje already had several hotels and a larger number of smaller resort compounds. The increase of interest for Montenegro and the appearance of larger and larger number of foreign tourists, conditioned that the first tourist guide about Cetinje in foreign language is being printed already in 1901.

Especially after the World War I, in Cetinje a need for the opening of new tourist compounds emerged. A record that on Cetinje in 1928. there were more than 10 taverns and that already in 1931 Cetinje had 96 hotel rooms in 6 hotels (“Grand”, “New York”, “Paris”, “London”) tells a lot about that. Also, since that year, a sudden interest for Cetinje as a tourist destination began to increase, among domestic as well as among foreign tourists.

Still, in the middle of the XX century Cetinje with the loss of its position of the political and administrative center of Montenegro lost a lot on the economic level, which mostly affected the stagnation of tourism. However, Cetinje is a town that owns a great number of monuments and museums, an interesting natural surrounding, and for years back Cetinje was a much visited tourist destination, and in the perspective Cetinje is recognized as the most famous center for the development of cultural tourism in Montenegro.

Today in Cetinje there are several hotels. Among them we have hotel “Grand” which is in the center of the town and has 3 stars, and hotel “Panorama Gazivoda” also with 3 stars, that should be singled out. The most visited and the most luxurious town hotel that works over the entire year is hotel “Grand” which is largely meant for sports tourism. Hotel “Grand” is situated in a big decorated park that used to belong to the Montenegrin Court. That is a harmoniously built architectonic edifice, which with its rich contents and traditional Montenegrin specialties gives a guest a chance of comfortable accommodation and hospitality with the most contemporary demands of the tourist market. Hotel has 420 beds in single and two bedded rooms and in 8 apartments. Guests have at their disposal 2 restaurants, national restaurant, café with grill, pastry shop, snack and a night bar, discothèque, and a wide terrace with 400 seats. Also, hotel has a polyvalent comfortable hall, for organizing all kinds of assemblies, banquets, celebrations, with the usage of the modern technical aids.

For recreation and fun guests can use the closed pool, sauna, automatic bowling alley with 4 tracks, TV hall, chess hall and a reading room.
Hotel “Panorama Gazivoda” is also a very nice and harmoniously built little hotel with 14 beds in 6 rooms and 2 apartments. The rooms are equipped with air conditioners and TV’s, hotel owns also a pool, and from the terrace of the hotel a beautiful view spreads over the River Crnojevic. This hotel is several kilometers away from the center of the town, on the road towards Podgorica.

A very lovable destination, to numerous travelers and tourists, especially in the summer period, are Ivanova korita (Ivan’s riverbeds), where a very nicely arranged hotel complex and a children’s rest home is situated, as well as a recently adapted mountain home. That area from Cetinje is several kilometers away and is found on the way towards the famous tourist destination Njegos`s mausoleum on Lovcen. Ivanova korita are very well visited in the winter period, when a ski lift for children is being installed there, as well as in the summer period when the heat and the warmth are being dispersed by the gentle mountain wind that blows from Stirovnik and Jezerski vrh, famous peaks above Cetinje.

In the resting home and the hotel complex on Ivanova korita, you can accommodate comfortably in two bedded or single bedded rooms, and apartments. Breakfast and lunch are provided, and for the student’s excursions there are 200 beds predicted, separated in three and six bedded apartments. Within the hotel there are: restaurant, cafeteria, sports terrains, TV hall, cabinets for teaching, and in the winter period there is a possibility of usage of the ski cable railway and the adhering equipment for skiing.
Still, different cafes, restaurants and inns are found in the very center of Cetinje. A very favorite and a frequently visited place, especially during the summer months is the famous “Town café” which is located in the building if the ex Bulgarian legation, immediately next to the court of the King Nikola I Petrovic. That is a restaurant with the longest tradition in Cetinje, it has 120 seats, three salons, (a big and a Green one with 40 seats per each and the Quiet salon with 16 seats). The open air restaurant of the “Town café” can take up to 400 visitors.

At any time of day or night, and all over the year, the guests have at their disposal numerous Cetinje cafes, which along with pleasant and in a very original way, displayed Montenegrin identifications like: flags, hats,… reminds guests on a very rich history of that part of Montenegro in general.

Wide streets of Cetinje, that are over flown with various café – bars, which remind on the open and closed gardens, are equally visited during the summer and winter months of the year. Among the most famous is café – bar “Piper`s” which began to work in 1989. It is situated in the square of the Lovcenska vila (Lovcen villa) and Vlaska crkva (Vlach church). The guests can enjoy in comfortable and bar boxes by sitting in the shades of the 100 years old linden trees.

Nicely and comfortably tourists can also stay if the salvation from the summer heats, and the rest in the shade, they seek for in the café called “Yellow moon”, at the very beginning of the Njegos`s street, or if they decide to visit café “Talija”, which is located in the house of the former hotel “Petrovgrad” (Petrograd).

Still, the most intimate socializing and a suitable dinner you can afford if you visit the “Opera” restaurant, which is located in the street First Proletarian nn. (no number). Apart from the classic offer of the cuisine specialties, and tasting of the products from the Montenegrin dining table, a pleasant ambience of the restaurant “Opera” will make a night in Cetinje very pleasing and interesting. In Cetinje and the surroundings there are also several restaurants, in which during the whole day all kinds of meals, vegetables, and unavoidable products of the traditional Montenegrin domestic cuisine are being prepared. Coming to Cetinje, you have to visit restaurants like “Belvedere”, “Konak” (Overnight stay), “Stari most” (Old bridge), “Zora” (Dawn), or famous inn “Kod Pera na Bukovicu” (At Pero for a beech drink) or “Njeguska sijela” (Outdoor party at Njegus).

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