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The Central National Library 'Djuradj Crnojevic'
THE CENTRAL NATIONAL LIBRARY “DJURADJ CRNOJEVIC” – it is found in the buildings of the former legations of France and Italy. It was founded in 1838 as Njegos`s library, but even at that time by the structure of the book fund and functions it has the character of the central library and Public state library. Since 1896 in the library the books in all languages that deal with Montenegro are collected, and books of the south Slav and Slav people. Still, the entire fund of the former library was damaged during the WW I.
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The renewal of the library began in March 1946. and since then it is called “Djuradj Crnojevic”. That ruler the son of Ivan Crnojevic, the founder of Cetinje, was the founder of the first printing shop and the first book “Oktoih” in which the identity of the “duke of Zeta” the former rulers of the Montenegrin state is given. Beside the preface in “Oktoih’ there are also “Pashalije” (Passovers), that testify that the authors had extremely great knowledge from geometry and astronomy. Djurdje Crnojevic stood out for his exquisite literacy and education but also for his political successes. With the aid of the monk Makarije he publishes also 5 precious books that represent the pride of the Montenegrin inheritance. The book fund is 1.500 000 books as well as volumes of periodical publications, geographic maps, sheets of music as well as the unconventional library material. The library “Djuradj Crnojevic” has also a developed publishing activity in which mostly the rare and unique publications stand out. The library also, publishes the national bibliography and organizes book displays in country and abroad.

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