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Cetinje Churches

Zetski Dom
ZETSKI DOM (THE HOME OF ZETA) – is a building of the Montenegrin royal theatre. Today, “Zetski dom” is also a theatre building, though for a while there were placed the archive, museum and the reading room with the library. The construction of the building began in 1884., by the project of the architect Josip Slad, in order to end in 1892. The first play “Balkan Empress” by the text of the King Nikola I Petrovic, was performed in 1888 year in a still unfinished edifice. Thanks to the Cetinje Dilettante association, after the opening of “Zetski dom” in Cetinje various theatre troupes from Serbia and Vojvodina came as guests, so the theatre activity continuously lasted until the end of Montenegrin independence in 1918. year.
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The main facade of the theatre was first made in baroque style, with attic and the clock on the top, but in 1896. a change was made, so the façade got a tympanum. During the retreat in 1918., Austro – Hungarian soldiers have burned the theatre building, which was renewed in 1931., when the certain changes on the main façade were made. The original ambience of the theatre was made very luxuriously and modern looking upon the numerous European chamber theatres. In the recent time the stage has been widened, the interior renovated, and the scene is enriched with numerous aids and accessories, which allow the unobstructed performance of kinds of plays. The plays from the production of the Montenegrin national theater, as well as from all other cultural institutions from Montenegro, from the foreign production as well as the European plays of the affirmed directors, come to present their plays in Cetinje, offering the audience from Cetinje, Coast and the North of Montenegro, the affection which can be felt only in the royal theater. The plan and program for the organization of the professional ensemble was made in 1907, in order for the work of the Royal Montenegrin theatre to be declared official after the declaration of Montenegro for the Kingdom in 1910. After the World War I the repertoire was very diverse and often there were performed works of: Shakespeare, Siler, Victor Hugo, Smetana, Gorky, and other more important play writers. After the World War II “Zetski dom” had a status of the republic theatre, in order to become a half professional theatre with 5 actors and an amateur drama section in 1958. When in 1972 it was integrated with former Titograd theatre, it practically stopped working. In the 90`s of the XX century, the theatre “Zetski dom was renovated and its original name “Royal folk (national) theatre” was restored.

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