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King Nikola's Castle
KING NIKOLA`S CASTLE – the construction of the King Nikola`s castle, among people better known as “Palac’ began in 1863, that is, right after the inauguration of King Nikola for the ruler of Montenegro. Its construction was ended in 1867. year. Originally, the castle was built as a simple building of the rectangular base with a floor and an attic on whose façade was a two – armed low staircase and a balcony below it. The building of the castle was in 1871. broadened by the construction of two more wings, and the final neoclassicist appearance the castle got in 1910. year.
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In that year the jubilee of 50 years of governance of the Prince Nikola was marked, when at the same time Montenegro was officially declared a Kingdom. The castle with its perfectly arranged interior is adjusted to the both residential and family life. It has a moderate luxury, at which the taste of the contemporary art and secession prevails. The floors in the Castle are made in the style of the mosaic, the walls are covered with silk wallpaper and the ceilings are decorated with the luxurious plaster. The castle has also luxurious elements of the lightning as well as some of the equipment.

Since, 1926 in the Castle the State museum of Montenegro with its original appearance of the interior is placed.

The state museum was founded in 1890. The museum was robbed during the Austro – Hungarian occupation 1916. – 1918., in order to be opened in 1926, after the renovation and to be placed in the King Nikola`s Castle. The museum collection is rich with the remains of the culturally – historical collections of the old Montenegrin museums. During the renovation of the building the greatest attention was dedicated to the reconstruction of the residence of King Nikola I whose conception is kept until nowadays.

Even though the reconstructed areas that served for the staying of the King and his family are now the space of the museum, they are filled with authentic samples of the furniture and numerous other items that were used in the everyday life of the royal family.

In the museum there are sets and collections of the significant artistic paintings, ethnographic collections, the collection of war trophies (flags and guns), numismatic and philatelic collections, the collection of the photographs and archeological items. In the collection of the trophy flags, it is important to point out 44 Turkish flags, which for the history of Montenegro have great significance. Than we also have the collection of Montenegrin flags, among which in the special place are preserved those that were carried on Grahovo and Vuciji dol. In the collection of the weapons the most important are the types that belonged to the distinguished Montenegrin and Turkish battle leaders. In the museum a rich collection of the archive documents is kept and also rare books that are kept in the Castle library.

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