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Njegos Mausoleum
NJEGOS`S MAUSOLEUM – is situated on the 13 km on the way from Cetinje to Lovcen. The mausoleum is placed on the mountain Lovcen, that is, on the peak elevation that is called Jezerski peak, on the height of 1 660 meters. Njegos`s mausoleum was built in the period from 1969. to 1974., and in its construction several tones of stone were spent. The marble construction is a work of art of the famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic and numerous constructors, and this, as it is often called – marble giant, is placed on the place where there used to be a chapel, where Njegos was initially buried.
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When you reach the very peak of Lovcen, where the monumental mausoleum is found, a beautiful view on the Bokokotorski bay will welcome you. When the weather is nice and without fog, you can see parts of Italy, Albania as well as some mountains in Serbia. In the lobby of the Njegos`s mausoleum there are two stone caryatides: of a mother and a daughter, that have the weight of 7.5 tones. In the façade of the museum a grandiose Njegos`s figure is placed, made of the finest stone and that weights 28 tones, and above it there is a grey eagle with the spread wings.

Down in the crypt of the mausoleum Njegos`s grave is found. Marble sarcophagi, with the remains of the greatest poet and philosopher of Montenegro of the XIX century, is built of the finest white marble. From the vaulted crypt golden kernels are shining. For the decoration of the vault 18 kg of gold was used, which was dispersed into 27.000 kernels, all over the walls of the crypt. On the tombstone it is written “Njegos 1813. – 1851.”. Especially in the summer period the mausoleum on Lovcen, is daily visited by several thousands of tourists.

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