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Hill Car Races
HILL CAR RACES – this manifestation is held every year in the middle of July, and often it is organized during autumn and spring. Still, the most interesting are the car races, in which we can see extremely attractive and fast sports cars that are driven by the distinguished Montenegrin car and rely drivers. Namely, the greatest contribution to the race, along with sport and Car associations, gives also the Car association “Lovcen” which was founded in the 1946. year. The teams of that club were and remained famous all over former Yugoslavia and even Europe, because on various competitions in the country and abroad they won numerous trophies and medals (over 100 trophies). The most famous race is the championship for the hill race on the track Cetinje – Ivan’s riverbeds (Lovcen) of the 12.200 length with the elevation of 610 meters. Since 1981 this race is found in the calendar of the International Car Federation – FIA. It is important to mention that the championship for the hill car race Cetinje – Ivan’s riverbeds (Lovcen), is the only one that is scored by the new system that is assigned by the legal implementation of the zone championship of Europe in 1955. year. At the mentioned championship the race is marked by a new name – FIA hill challenge. Especially while the one day summer car race lasts, the entire track on which the race is driven, and all the places from which visibility is good is filled with the funs of fast driving, car funs and other observers, that are impatiently waiting the outcome of the race, supporting the competitors. A special enjoyment is to observe all those people who no matter heat and the crowds in the traffic have covered kilometers to come to take a place in a thick shadow from where they could unobstructed observe the race and cheer for their funs, an enjoy in the atmosphere that is created by the sports cars that run with unlimited speeds, making such a spectacle that can be only imagined in the European and world competitions like Formula I in Italy or in competitions in Spain. Beside the youth and older funs of car sport, this event with special attention provokes joy in kids, who also in large numbers and with great happiness observe the happenings on the car – track. The organizers of the competition provide trophies and medals for the winners, and the greatest success for the drivers of the race is the placement in the higher classes of the competition, and participation on the European championships. Hill car races on the way from Cetinje to Lovcen are observed by several thousand spectators every year.

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