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Cetinje Events

Summer Pasture Games
SUMMER PASTURE SPORTS GAMES – a manifestation that lasts for already three years. It is held at the end of July in the village Njegusi, close to Cetinje, which is the birth place of Petar II Petrovic Njegos. In the above mentioned village during that manifestation, a great number of citizens gathers, former inhabitants of Njegusi and their descendants, and with the evoking of the memories of the old country and happenings from the past, they measure their strength in disciplines, by which in the past courage, skillfulness, chivalry were measured and through which the competitive spirit was developed. On those days, long forgotten games like: long jump, pulling of the rope, high jump, throwing rock from the shoulder, riding the horse… become up – to – date again and new. Beside the great number of older and the visitors of younger population, the manifestation “Summer pasture sports games” is visited by the great number of kids.  Many tourists too spend their pleasant moments with good mood, pleasant refreshment and food, nice moments, observing the above mentioned sports games on Njegusi.

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